Corumda Motorcycle Inspections

Motorcycle Inspections in Çorum: Increase in traffic accidents of Osmancık District Police Department It was reported that he speeded up inspections for motorcycles and electric bicycles.
In the statement made by the Osmancık District Governorship, the increase in traffic accidents in the district center It was stated that the teams of the District Police Department accelerated the inspections.
In the statement, which emphasized that 193 motorcycle drivers and vehicle owners who were found to be faulty within the scope of the inspections, various amounts of administrative fines were issued and 110 motorcycles were banned from traffic, he said, “Registration certificate and without license plate, driver's license, protection helmet and glasses, and passengers do not have a protection helmet, so as per the relevant articles of the Highways Traffic Law, 193 motorcycle rider and vehicle owner are paid administrative money. The report of the decision of the penalty was arranged, 110 motorcycles were banned from traffic ”.
In the statement that education activities carried out in order to prevent unconscious use continued, the figures were recorded:
“In our district, the use of motorcycles and electric bicycles for transportation purposes is intense, especially at the age of 18. use by six masses poses a serious risk in terms of traffic safety. Within the framework of taking necessary measures in this regard, our traffic education and awareness raising activities continue in coordination with the District National Education Directorate. The top five of 2014 ?? One thousand 100 primary and high school students were educated during the month. Ensuring traffic safety, raising the awareness of our youth, traffic inspections and training activities for the establishment of life and property safety, especially in the safe use of motorcycles and electric bicycles, will continue, especially at the age of 18. Parent support of six target audiences increase business. In this context, important duties fall on our families, mothers and fathers in raising awareness of responsibility. "



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