New news from the collapsed YHT station

New news from collapsed YHT station: Samples were taken after the collapse at the two-storey high-speed train station in Sakarya's Arifiye district.

During the construction of the old train station in Arifiye, the pier collapsed during the concrete pouring process, and the workers who were under the rubble were rescued with the help of the people around. 6 workers injured by the medical teams who came to the scene were taken to Sakarya Training and Research Hospital.

Sakarya search and rescue teams by the help of the scoop with the help of workers under the dent was investigated. As a result of studies that lasted approximately 3 hours, it was determined that there were no survivors. Sakarya Police Department Crime Scene Investigation teams, the prosecutor's office took samples from the collapsed place. An investigation was launched into the incident.

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  1. Take samples after the concrete is poured and dried! Maybe that's why it crashes… !!!!!! ??? !!!