CMSye TAYSAD Export Award

CMSye TAYSAD Export Award: CMS was awarded as the second largest exporter of 2013 by the Turkish Manufacturers Association of Vehicle Manufacturers (TAYSAD) with its 322 million dollar export figure in 2013.
Stating that they increase their targets every year, CMS Chairman of the Board Berat Ösen said, “We are proud that every wheel produced with the idea and effort of our own team adds economic value to our country. KazanEvery success we achieve motivates us more for our future goals.”
Lightweight aluminum alloy wheels in Turkey's leading sectors, CMS, one of Europe's leading companies, continues to receive compensation for their work in 2013 years. Awarded by the Aegean Exporters' Union in the Stars of Exports Award in its sector, CMS was once again awarded by the Association of Vehicle Side Manufacturers. CMS was the second largest exporter of 2013 million dollars in 322 and among the members of the association, following Bosch.
At the ceremony held at TAYSAD 36 General Assembly, Berat Ösen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CMS, who received the award from the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, designed the wheels manufactured by Turkish engineers in Izmir said it made them very proud.
Ösen: inden Our goal is to be one of the two biggest wheel manufacturers in Europe Ö
“We are very happy to know that we have contributed to our country in terms of economic and sectoral knowledge. KazanEvery success we achieve motivates us for our future goals,” said Ösen, adding, “We still have communication offices in Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Torino and Moscow. In the last 8 years, we have invested 186 million Euros. With our production facilities in Pınarbaşı, Çiğli and Gaziemir, we aim to become one of the two largest wheel manufacturers in Europe in a very short time.”


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