Sındırgı Mayor Slow: Sındırgı- Allowance for Akhisar Land Road

Limitgi-Akhisar Land Road Allowance for Expectations: Sindirgi Mayor Ekrem Yavaş, Akkır Akhisar highway is expected to be paid for the road.
Yavaş gave information about his contacts in Ankara at a press conference. Youth and Sports Minister Akif Çağatay Kılıç met with a meeting in the district, said they took the floor to build a gym Slow, "We did not have a demand for a youth center next to her, we also took the promise that it can be done," he said.
Yavuz also stated that the transportation of the Sındırgı-Akhisar highway was included in the 2011 year. Although not for the whole of the road to the Kertil picnic area for the amount of money requested. We have mentioned the 10-15 kilometers for the grants and the Ring Road Öd.
Slow, square arrangements and forward-looking zoning projects to prepare the district for the tourism move, adding that they are closely monitoring the work related to hot water brought from Hisaralan Hot Springs region.

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