Critical YHT questions from CHP's Umut Oran to Transport Minister Elvan

📩 25/11/2018 19:19

From the CHP's Umut Oran to the Minister of Transport Elvan, critical YHT questions: CHP Istanbul Deputy Umut Oran put the claim that there were deficiencies in the electronic control and automatic braking systems regarding the Eskişehir-Pendik High Speed ​​Train line, which was delayed due to the alleged “sabotage.” vehicles.

At which stage are the signaling studies?

Umut Oran, CHP, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan asked the Parliament to respond to the question proposal presented. The questions in Oran's proposal are:

? - Eskişehir-Pendik YHT at the stage of the infrastructure stage of the completion of the signal phase in the phase of the signaling work is completed, what is the realization rates? Are these realization rates sufficient for opening the line?

Was ERTMS and ETCS established?

  • Isn't it mandatory for the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and the European Train Control System (ETCS) to be used on the YHT lines? Which parts of ERTMS and ETCS, Eskişehir-Pendik High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line were installed, commissioned and put into operation?

How secure is YHT without these systems?

  • This system, which controls the line information sent by the control center to the engineer by checking the current speed and taking into account the current speed of the train; If the speed limit is exceeded, does the mechanist's stimulation not be vital because it does not react from the mechanic to slow the train or stop the train and stop the train and ensure that all this information is seen from the center? How safe will it be without these systems?

Are the trains going by radio?

  • Is it correct to know that traffic between the Eskişehir-Pendik line will be managed by Radio Train Administration (TMİ)?

Will Auto Train Stop (ATS) not work?

  • How safe is it to train trains with TMI only in the environment where trains without a signal system can be traced by a center in a digital environment and where Auto Train Stop Systems (ATS) will not work?

Why the insistence of opening the system before the end?

  • What is the reason for insisting that the line is opened to train traffic without the completion of the signaling system and without testing? How safe will it be to run a train before the signalization is over?

Is DCC established?

  • Is this even the telecomand centers that control the electrification systems and the Digital Control Center (DCC) that controls the signaling?

Pendik-Söğütlüçeşme-Halkalı When will be opened?

- Are the station-station buildings where the station will stop? Which stations will YHT stop at? Pendik-Söğütlüçeşme-Halkalı When will it be available?

Why don't trains work in Thrace?

  • Why not run a train in the Thrace region (between Istanbul and Kapikule)? Does the CHP gain local administrations in Thrace?

Is it easy to reach the cables for sabotage?

  • 25 in Karaman on May toplam During the last 2 week, our total 200 signaling and communication cables were disconnected. Not only that, but the 70 track rail circuit connection system has been interrupted by someone else UM. Is it easy to reach the critical cables and circuits of the YHT line, which need to be extra safety measures at high speed? Is it not possible to prevent these cables and circuits from being accessed, or do they have special protective equipment?
  • 3 to the railway line. Are the contracts made to prevent the entry of persons, animals, etc.?

Will you return the mechanic's right to wear out?

  • Why do the mechanics win the actual service raises (right to wear) in the 2008 year by the court decision they have made individually and why the TCDD is paying too much money and causing public harm? Are you going to return the wearer's abolition rights?

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