Perimeter Path Alerts

Ring Road Gives Alarm: The collapse occurred due to the passing of heavy tonnage trucks on the İzmir-Bursa highway and the ring road passing through Çanakkale's Lapseki district.
Lapseki district of the construction work began in the double lane highway because of the single lane falling on the highway in the center of Çanakkale-Bursa road traffic paralyzes the paralysis. Especially in the morning due to the traffic intensity in the road due to violent vehicles violate the crossing the traffic flow became dangerous. Citizens urgently requested to repair the damaged parts.
The ring road passing through Lapseki district is also collapsing. Speed ​​barriers were dismantled on the road, which was deformed by heavy tonnage vehicles passing by. The collapses that occur on the road, which will be used extensively by exporters, prevent the vehicles from navigating safely. Citizens made a statement, “The road has just been built. It becomes almost unusable in a short time. It will deteriorate even more if no action is taken. We expect the authorities to work here, too, ”they said.

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