The Train Train Hit In The City Of Xylax Dead (Photo Gallery)

Konya Train Hit the Car 2 Dead: The accelerated train traveling from Konya to Karaman collided with a vehicle on the common road, 2 people lost their lives in the accident that dragged the vehicle for meters!

Machinists Ali G. and Mustafa Ç. under the management of the Konya-Karaman expedition passenger trains, warning sign and light crossing the level crossing the level wants to pass the Star 23 42 137 XNUMX XNUMX car crashed into the car.

Meram district Aybahçe Mahallesi Fidanlık Street accident occurred, approximately 350 meters and drifted under the train and the car returned to the heap of Hasan Yildiz and the same age Fatih Unal, died. Yıldız and Unal were trapped inside the vehicle and the corpse was taken out of the place where the firefighters and paramedics interfered. In the meantime, the possibility of a child in the car on the police and firefighters searched the vehicle, no other people were found by chance.

Relatives of the deceased heard the accident and arrived at the scene.

Aybahçe District Headman Hilmi Selim explained how the accident happened. Selim said, “As the car passed through the level crossing, the train hit. I ran right away, but one was dead, the other died shortly after. I have already applied to the municipality to take measures at the level crossing, but no measures have been taken so far. Authorities are waiting for how many people die. ”

The winners were detained after the accident. Investigations are under way.


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