Çanakkale Izmir Highway Road Scare

Fearful Landslide on the Slope of the Çanakkale İzmir Highway: After the earthquake of the size of 6,5 on the Aegean Sea, cracks occurred at the bottom of the viaduct near the town of Erenköy on the Çanakkale-İzmir road.
Landslides that occurred in the same region last year due to excessive rainfall, the double side of the road had demolished the retaining wall. Authorities made arrangements in the summer months, the landslide last Saturday after the earthquake of the size of the Aegean Sea off the coast of the 6,5 took action again. Due to the cracking on the rock where the viaduct's feet are located due to landslide, experts said that the danger is growing steadily, urgent action should be taken.
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Geological Engineering. Dr. Dogan Perincek, Erenkoy viaducts continue to be troubles, the earthquake occurred in the viaduct's feet where the local rock and fill the crevices in the areas, he said. Perinçek said, hey Landslides were formed on both the right and left sides of the viaduct. I was expressing my concerns. Landslide can be dangerous if it comes backwards. The crack we see now is a crack on the local rock and very close to the viaduct. The distance to the viaduct is between 5 and 15 meters. The length of the crack is 20 meters. A high angle crack. We had an earthquake on Saturday. The earthquake caused this crack. This crack, the landslide crack. Don't take it as a fault crack. If this fracture flows to the sea side, the landslide will approach the viaduct. This is a great danger for the viaduct. We made piles on the top of the viaduct. These stakes should be made to the sea side. Only then can we secure the viaduct. There are similar cracks on the viaduct. They also cracks during the earthquake. Landslide cracks triggered by the earthquake. These cracks are on the local rock, others on the filling soil. Cracks we still need to consider, ”he said.



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