Burdur-Fethiye Highway 40

Burdur-Fethiye Highway 40 Km is getting shorter: With the completion of Gölhisar-Yeşildere-İbecik road going on, Burdur Fethiye 40 Km will be shortened.
Governor Nurettin Yilmaz, who was looking at the road construction works in İbecik Village, was informed about the road construction works from Nuri Çan, Director of Road and Transportation Services of Special Provincial Administration. Governor Yilmaz stated that the current road is made up of very narrow bends and presents a danger to traffic safety.
Governor Yilmaz 6 Million 322 thousand TL the completion of the road to be completed with the Burdur Fethiye reported that 40 Km will shorten. Asar, Evciler, Yesildere, İbecik and Elmalıyurt especially the villagers Gölhisar'ın 60'nın this way using the Governor Yilmaz said. Ere Especially in the summer season on this road truck and bus traffic is quite a lot. The people of the region have been waiting for this road for a long time. Contractor firm 300 will complete this path in the day and offer it to the use of our citizens. Yüklen
Road and Transportation Services Branch Director of the Special Provincial Administration Nuri Chiang 200 thousand cubic meters on the road will be done splitting and filling excavation said.
The mother of Martyr Mehmet Erdogan, who was martyred in a clash with terrorists in Sirnak Beytüşşebap in 1998, whose house is on the road route in the village of Governor Yılmaz Yeşildere, also visited 78-year-old Behide Erdoğan. Governor Yılmaz noted that a new house will be built for Erdoğan. Governor Yilmaz said to his martyred mother, “Nothing is more precious than you. We don't do anything you don't want. " said. Later, Governor Yılmaz went to İbecik village with the citizens. sohbet did. Girl students dressed in local clothes welcomed Governor Yılmaz.
Governor Nurettin Yilmaz, the Governor of Gölhisar Muhammet Yasin Kırcı, Gölhisar Mayor Ramazan Canural, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Osman Karakaya, Provincial Secretary General Ibrahim Simsek, Police Chief İbrahim Taşlı'da attended.

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