Mount Bobi to be Brought to Ski Tourism

Bobi Mountain will be earned for ski tourism: Ağrı Youth Services and Sports City Director Şafi Erim said that they will bring Babi Mountain back to ski tourism.

Ebirkirt 100. Şafi Erim, who visited Yıl Elementary School, the materials belonging to Eleşkirt Ski Facilities, which are not operated since 8 and have been plundered and destroyed by thieves, are located in the city center of Ağrı. He said they'd build on Mount Bobi. Expressing that there is no possibility of a one percent chance that Eleşkirt Ski Facilities will provide services on the ground due to many legal problems, Şafi Erim said: We are planning to bring the abandoned region to ski tourism again as it is not demanded by the operation of the modern ropeway system in the provinces around us. Dear Governor, Mehmet Tekinaslan stands on the issue of the ski resort. 18-1980 ski season with the governor of painful ski lovers will start skiing on Bobi Mountain. X