You're going to shut us down.

Are you going to close contact with us: Burdur people? “Our expenses have come to a point where we cannot meet due to the free transportation in the urban transportation we serve, and an additional burden of 65 years is destroying us. Do they want us to turn off the ignition? " he asks…
TT: Mr. Acar, we have been talking about ekt Mustafa Acar kon factor and your importance of your predictions with your experience on system perception for years. Tradesman confirms this. When you have such a weight, are you just about to press a press release? What is the real situation? Can you tell us about the developments that push you to explain this?
ACAR: Gladly. Immediately I have to say, we are a private public bus operator with a certain number of passengers in Burdur Province, who know each other, who know each other, and we are conducting a municipal audit. More and more our traditions, we live with each other by caring about good relations. In this respect, we look at the issue when giving the service. As far as we can withstand the demand of the municipality, we carry many people free of charge. In particular, we carry our poor, poor citizens with no income.
However, one thing to consider here is that; If we don't get any fee from people from the security, from the municipal staff, from the veterans, from the press, from the disabled, over the age of 65, who stays behind?
First we need to find an answer to this question.
There are those who are left behind. For example, there are students and they go and go with their services. The rest of the civil servants and tradesmen remain. They're going in and out of their private car.
And there's a university. Once they're on vacation, we're staying.
Now, I'll rob you; For God's sake, in this case, who will we take money from and renew our vehicles? kazanWe will pay off our debt and our house, our children's support.
Isn't it necessary to produce a solution to support the social state and the municipal, governor, ministry and government hierarchy?
Here, we are; with this understanding and. let's be an example n, we acted.
Due to social state structure; there will not be any discounts or free transportation in public transport. In making this decision, the executives must have read the structure of the social state very well.
Currently, for our service; It is called or a modern public transportation “. Or Let the bus be new, get additional equipment yeni. Also, in front of us; Or These are the ones you will carry for free lar, a decision is made. I also; "Well," he says, and according to this decision, but I can not get out of account.
This time I can raise my head and look at other states' practices.
What I've seen is that there are private carriers supported.
We think that this support should also be implemented here.
We want our expenses such as VAT, SCT, Insurance, Fuel, Bag-Kur, and Tax to determine the discount rates. We would like to be supported on behalf of these articles and to eliminate our grievances.
The problem here is; It is the problem of not making a living. If our problems are solved, then we can carry it for free and also with discounts.
TT: In short; Do you think that unuz State should consider the public transportation private eye view, renew its service criteria and carry out an audit and execution according to the income-expenditure balance ve and at least pay for it yenil?
ACAR: Yes, I'm telling him exactly. This; Ini I would like to adopt the standards for the private transporters providing public transportation services throughout the country toplu. I, as Burdurlu Private Public Buses Association President, I convey these problems to the authorities. To transmit, I am using the press path. I inform the governor and his deputies, the mayor and all the relevant authorities, of the problems I have mentioned. I do this by saying “Yes, I don't want artisans to die, aya which says“ Yes da to the new structuring. I'm doing it so that we can back him up so we can see the conditions we're in.
TT: Mr. Acar; In the last ten years in our country, urbanization, as well as public transportation services in cities, institutionalization of contemporary and comfortable, sustainable public transportation for everyone is mentioned. How do you evaluate this discourse that sounds pleasant?
ACAR: Our government, since the day it came to power, transformation, transformation service has moved to cities. By giving the task to the rulers of the city; ”Put private transporters in, içine he said. The preparations are over. However, there is confusion on the field, and there are those who do not want to use or abide by the elements. There is a government that wants to obey the world. They are setting their standards according to them. But it's hard for them to understand. Because there is no clear message. Well, then, the job falls to us. We need to explain our misbehavior and the problems that will cause.
Time has narrowed and we urgently need to tackle our expectations in an alternative public transport system, the role of private transporters and what needs to be done.
I think you should have a good understanding of the messages you give as a newspaper.
Here, the task falls to TÖHOB, not TFF. TÖHOB should move fast to Anatolia and make it work and warn the officers to take action as soon as possible. He should evaluate our cry from this wide frame.
I will say these…

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