Work for the Second Stage on Birgi Road

Work Continues for the Second Phase of Birgi Road: As part of the asphalting and expansion works on the highway extending to the historical town of Ödemiş, Birgi, it was time for the section from Kiraz-Birgi junction to Beşgöz locality.
In the works carried out by the 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways, the second stage came after the extension of the area between Tekstil location and Birgi town and coating with bituminous hot mixture, which is known as highway asphalt.
In the section from Birgi-Kiraz road junction to Beşgöz, rainwater lines were laid first and the infrastructure was prepared, and then the asphalt that had been used for years was scraped. Within the framework of the studies, the transportation from Birgi-Kiraz road junction to Ödemiş Municipality Cultural Center is provided in a controlled way from a single lane.
It is stated that hot asphalt coating will be made in the coming days following the infrastructure works related to the works that are expected to provide a modern appearance and healthy traffic flow to the eastern entrance of Ödemiş. With the announcement made on the official website of the General Directorate of Highways, it is pointed out that drivers should pay attention to traffic signs and markers due to road construction works between Ödemiş and Birgi.



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