Expected 10 High Speed ​​Train Auction announced

Expected 10 High Speed ​​Train Auction was announced: The desired speed for trains will be 250 km / h. According to the TSI high-speed train regulations, this tender (250 km / h) is described as a high-speed train tender and the previous tender (300 km / h speed trains) is described as a very high-speed train.

The previous high-speed train tender had a maximum speed of 300 km / h and Siemens Velaro won the tender. The strongest competitor of Siemens was the Zefiro train, the product of Bombardier-Ansaldo partnership. Frankly speaking, one on both trains
superior engineering and design work. We witnessed a duel of German engineering and Italian design, and Siemens won with a price difference. In addition, Zefiro appreciates the administration with its advantage in the number of passengers and its interior artistic design.
had won. We look forward to the days when we travel with Velaro. We expect the players to increase in this tender. Siemens' Velaro may need to make some train related changes for 300 km / speed and for this tender, or if the same train is offered
may remain expensive. This, together with the Russian Velaro 250 km / h according to speed, but needs to be adapted to conditions in Turkey. The price level in the 6 sets tender was approximately 32 million Euros. In the long term, the administration's high-speed train fleet has proven itself and it is advantageous in terms of maintenance and life costs to procure it from a certain type of vehicle and its manufacturer. Siemens stands out in this context, too.

Zefiro has a 250 km / h train, but this train (CRH1) was sold to China and TSI compliance needs to be proven. Alstom, whose previous tender price was extremely high, has an AGV train, but it is also suitable for a speed of 300 km / h and is similar to Siemens. In addition, Alstom has a Pendolino train suitable for 250 km / hour and is currently selling very well. It is now called "New Pendolino". The Administration is very satisfied with the Pendolino sold to Poland and the price level is quite competitive, for example, the train price was 2011 million Euros in the contract signed in 20. In fact, the bogies of Pendolino trains are produced by local Durmazlar company had produced. In this context, it is a train that will benefit both the domestic market and will have a price advantage. The New Pendoline is 187 m long and consists of 7 vehicles.

Along with these, CAF, which previously sold 12 trains to TCDD, stands out in this tender. The HT65000 top speed was 250 km / h. The train is accepted by the Administration and its price was 18 million Euros in the previous tender. However, these trains were 150 meters long and consisted of 6 vehicles.

In this tender, a 200-meter train in accordance with TSI is requested. It is very lucky in this tender, both because it has been accepted by the Administration and the price level.
Nevertheless, the Chinese CRC is not willing to have an eager promise in this tender. 6 has been left out of technical evaluation as is known in the very high-speed train auction.

Hitachi has made a similar trend than that, and yet now they are interested in the Turkey market and trains (Class 395) is currently a top speed of 225 km / h and 250 km / h E needs improving. This may cause problems regarding the qualification requirement in the specification. In 2005, they submitted a joint bid with Mitsubishi-Hitachi in the 10 set train tender and their price level was 19.98 million Euros. Mitsubishi Turkey in recent years had started to increase interest in the railway market.

It is not known how Rotem, another important train manufacturer, will act in this project. He does not have a distributed train that he has built at 250 km / hr, and he is dealing with the homologue of the 300 km / h HRX.

It is expected that the prices of CAF and Alstom will compete with priority in this tender. Compared to the prices they gave in the previous auctions, they can give a price below 20 million Euros per piece. Velaro and Zefiro may surprise you. Chinese, Japanese and
Korean manufacturers can offer competitive prices.

In order to submit a bid to the tender, it is sufficient to have previously sold and accepted electric train sets with traction system IGBT / IGCT controlled, AC / AC drive system, capable of 250 km / h or higher maximum speed, distributed power drive system. Even the fact that 1 of these trains has been sold and accepted according to the desired criteria seems sufficient. In addition, it is possible for companies that have not produced before to submit a bid by submitting a capacity report. However, although the price per seat and evaluation criteria will be decisive, the delivery time of the vehicles has become very important. The company that will deliver the vehicle between 9 and 15 months must have completed the design and TSI certification / homologation. In this context, it is an advantage for Siemens that Siemens continues to produce 6 very high speed trains. In addition, the continuing production of Pendolino will also be an advantage for Alstom. Although a new train is produced within these periods of Chinese manufacturers, both TSI certification and technical competencies may cause problems. Considering the companies that received the tender documents, it is expected that the tender will witness tough competition.



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