Batman Municipality will get 200 Thousand Ton Asphalt

Batman Municipality 200 Thousand Ton Asphalt Procurement: Batman Municipal Co-Chairs Sabri Özdemir and Gülüstan Akel and some members of the Assembly visit to the press.
Press type realizes that the Batman Municipality Co-Presidents, whose first objectives are to launch a clean-up campaign in the city.
Özdemir and Akel, who said that the tender was canceled due to the high price and the asphalt tender was held, said, “We are opening a tender to fill the pits in the city and to meet our 200 thousand tons of asphalt as part of the asphalting works for natural gas. By ensuring this, we will start the season quickly. ”
Presidents said that they give importance to social areas and plan to make many social facilities in order to save the youth from bad habits. They also stated that they will employ at least two women by making attempts for the police officer who felt the need in the city.
Sabri Özdemir and Gülüstan Akel stated that they thanked the press for the reason that the Batman press was objective and objective in the election process and that they would appoint the deputy mayors within the 10 days and they would speed up the works after that.
Co-Presidents Sabri Özdemir and Gülüstan Akel, who made a brief assessment of the results they received in the elections and the Co-Presidency model proposed by the BDP,
“There have been rumors and empty discussions in recent days. Speculations such as disagreement go around. It has become a fuss in recent days. There is no problem in co-chairmanship and management ”.

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