33 Mileage Road Work in Basiskelede

33 Mileage Road Works in Başiskelede: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Başiskele concrete, hot asphalt and cold asphalt road work will be done.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its road works. Within the scope of road maintenance and repair work in the town of Başiskele 33 kilometers road will be renewed. These roads will be made in the villages of the 20 kilometer section of the concrete road application. 7 thousand meters in Servetiye Village, 6 thousand meters to Doğantepe-Taksim Street, Aksığın -Parsık, Kazandere Davutlar 7 thousand-meter concrete road works on the road will be made. 26 thousand 820 tons will be 6 meters of width of the road to be used in concrete. Thousands of 500 meters on the way to Serindere-Örnekköy connection, 2 thousand meters in the center of Tepecik Village.
100 thousand 2 tons to the 310 meter Hürler Street in the thousand 750 meters of the district, 6 thousand 930 tons to the 700 meter Yuvacık Ulus Avenue, 3 thousand 528 tons to the 300 meters Ilıca Road, 605 tons to 4 meters, 6 tons to the 336 meters, and 32 tons are the most important arteries of the district. 750 thousand 11 tons of hot asphalt will be laid on the 500 thousand meters of Tınaztepe Street. On the sidewalks of the streets will be used 5 thousand 10 meter curb in total 433 thousand 13 square meters parquet. Metropolitan Municipality held a tender to determine the company to do the job. 344 firm bid to bid. The lowest bid with XNUMX million XNUMX thousand TL Fıratoğlu Construction, while the highest bid XNUMX million XNUMX thousand TL came from Ayhanlar Asfalt.



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