BALO Project and railway-maritime combined transport to the highest level

📩 30/11/2018 12:51

Rail-seaway combined transportation has reached the top level with the BALO Project: Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Elvan, “We can say that our shipping has left the wavy and stormy days behind, but we have to work harder to remove the traces of the negligence made in the past”. 2023 million on the basis of tonnage of its fleet.

Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that Turkish seafaring left behind the wavy and stormy days, but it was necessary to work harder to erase the traces of the negligence of the past.

Elvan, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), at the opening of Sea Chambers of Commerce Council meeting, important developments in the maritime field Turkey in the last 12 years, said he said.

Said process of Turkey's maritime past the white list from the black list, with maritime background manager, bringing together the maritime administrations with the experts, with marinas, harbors with applied made the build-operate-transfer model by stating that this area is important and efficient services have managed to become a country Elven, "Even Abu caught standards, the world's leading maritime countries have entered a Turkey between. One of the biggest proofs of this is that our country has successfully passed the audits under the Member State Voluntary Audit Program (VIMSAS) and entered the 'low risk group'.

The world of the merchant fleet of about 94 percent which controls 30 countries, Turkey's 30,4 million detveytlik (DWT) capacity 13 describing Elvan the ranks, while the total amount of charge handled in Turkish ports reported having crossed the 385 million tons. Expressing that the installed capacity is 548 million tons, Elvan said that this capacity will reach 867 million tons with the planned ones.

Elvan stated that the amount of cargo handled in cabotage increased from 28 million tons to 54 million tons and added:

“The number of passengers carried in cabotage has also increased from 99 million to 165 million. In order for our cabotage transportation to grow faster and safer, we have authorized the lines of cabotage transportation. We have granted line permits to 64 ships on 238 different lines, and made cabotage lines supervised and secure.

While the number of vehicles transported on international regular Ro-Ro lines was 2002 thousand in 200, today it has reached 440 thousand. In just 3 years, we have launched 16 new Ro-Ro lines and increased the number of active Ro-Ro lines to 25. Together with you, we have brought the combined transportation between rail and sea to the next level by realizing the Great Anatolian Logistics Organization (BALO) Project.

The arrangements we made for cruise transportation also bear fruit. While the number of cruise ships visiting our ports was 2002 in 821, it has reached 1.572 today. In addition, the number of cruise passengers visiting our ports has increased from 332 thousand to 2 million 240 thousand. In 12 years, our country has climbed to 4th place in cruise tourism after Spain, Italy and Greece.

With the fuel application without SCT, which we launched in 2004 in order to support our maritime industry, we gave 3,2 million tons of fuel without SCT and provided 3,9 billion lira to our industry. In addition, we realized our goal of establishing the Turkish P&I Protection and Indemnification Insurance Company, which is one of our goals for 2023, in January this year. The company has completed the insurance of 305 ships in the first three months alone.

- “We have taken steps to improve the shipbuilding industry”

Explaining that they have also taken steps to improve the shipbuilding industry with maritime trade, Elvan said that they provided the shipyards stuck in the Tuzla region to spread to all coasts. Elvan stated that the number of shipyards increased to 72 and the capacity to 3,6 million deterves.

Evlan noted that the “North Aegean - Çandarlı Port”, which is being constructed in İzmir and whose infrastructure works have been completed, is among the largest ports in the world, and reminded that they have realized the infrastructure tender of Filyos Port to be held in the Black Sea.

Stating that they have started the Mersin Container Port project, which will become a container transfer center in the Mediterranean and meet the demand for Central Asia and the Middle East, Elvan continued as follows:

“While we are building new ports, we also establish the logistics infrastructure of these ports. We're not the only one of the Mersin Çukurova region of Turkey's largest logistics centers. We are also establishing Kemalpaşa Logistics Center in İzmir.

We can say that our seafaring has left behind the wavy and stormy days. However, we have to work harder to erase the traces of past neglect. Instead of breaking, pouring, burning, together, we must work day and night to develop our country. You know 2023 in the vision of 500 billion dollars export and 1 trillion dollar foreign trade volume aim. In the process of reaching this goal, it is clear that the maritime sector has important duties.

In this context, we aim to reach 2023 million detergents on a tonnage basis and to rank among the top 50 in the world until 10. We are also working to unify the coastal facilities in our country, establish specialized ports and remove existing float systems for liquid cargo and turn them into dolfen terminal systems. By combining the existing shipyards; it needs to be transformed into more efficient, rational and large-capacity shipyards. In this sense, we will also establish the infrastructure that will promote unification. We also attach importance to localization in the shipbuilding industry. We aim to manufacture ships with at least 70 percent of the equipment and equipment domestic. I firmly believe that by reaching these goals we have set, we will become 'marines nation, marines country'. ”

“We follow the maritime closely”

TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that they closely followed the maritime industry, said that the critical importance of the maritime sector in attracting over 4 percent of Turkey's growth trend in the coming period. Stating that important developments have been achieved in the maritime sector but not enough, Hisarcıklıoğlu said that he has to continue to develop and expand both the shipping industry, maritime transport and ports.

Recalling that the cargo and passenger transportation by sea is among the “priority investment issues” in the new investment incentive system prepared by Hisarcıklıoğlu, he asked Minister Elvan to include the shipbuilding sector among “large-scale investments”. Hisarcıklıoğlu said, "Our maritime sector propeller rotates Turkey, one of the world's 10 largest economies will continue to be on the road route," he said.

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