Balıkesir Railway Station Becomes Kazakhstan City for Filming

Balıkesir Train Station Became Kazakhstan City for Filming: Balıkesir Train Station became the city of Kazakhstan for filming. It was reported that the movie “Birgun Gönüller”, starring Fikret Hakan, will be released in October this year.

According to the information obtained, the movie "Birgun Gönüller", whose shooting started in February in Bulgaria and featuring Fikret Hakan, is shot at the historical Balıkesir Station. The historical station, which was returned to the Shymkent Train Station in Kazakhstan by hanging Russian signs, testifies to the final scene of the Uniting Gönüller. The movie set, which was established in Balıkesir Train Station, is followed with interest and excitement by the citizens. Dozens of actors came to the camera at Birlesen Gönüller, which featured Fikret Hakan, starring in the historical station where Russian articles were written and returned to the train station in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. In the movie where a love story is told; The emotional subject of a woman who sent her husband to the wedding night to the war during the Second World War, about her long wait with love for her husband is covered. It is stated that the movie is planned to be released in October. Providing information about the film, production chief Şakir Akça said, “The subject is completely a love story. A period movie between the 1940s and 1990s. This is a story set in Kazakhstan. The shots we took in Balıkesir take place in Kazakhstan. It was a love story of World War II and beyond and a movie about what people can do for love. It's an emotional movie where emotions are at the top. ”

Directed by Hasan Kıraç and produced by Ahmet Kül, Birlayan Gönüller is the leading actress such as Fikret Hakan, Atılgan Gümüş, Erkan Sever, Hande Soral and Yağmur Kaşifoğlu. It was noted that the architectural structure of the historical train station was effective in shooting the final scenes of the film, which is said to be released in October. For the continuation of the film, it was reported that the plateaus will be established in Eskişehir, Salt Lake and Georgia and the shooting will continue.

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