Balıkesir TCDD employees distribute bite to prevent accidents

Balıkesir TCDD employees distribute bite to prevent accidents: Balıkesir TCDD employees distributed bite, cheese and buttermilk to 3 thousand people. The 18th of the annual event was held in front of Balıkesir Station. Citizens showed intense interest for the railway workers who died and died from accidents and troubles. In addition, Mevlit was taught in the Siteler Mosque.

While creating a committee among the employees for the organization, the goodness of the donation was made with the help of TCDD employees. Citrus 10 made of sack flour, 70 kg. distributed cheese and 2 bin 500 buttermilk. In addition, the packaged donuts were sent to the stations on the Bandırma-Balıkesir and Soma route. The passengers waiting for the trains in Garda were also served.



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