Balçova Cable Car Facilities does not stop at all

Balçova Teleferik Facilities do not stop in any way: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality can not finish Balçova Teleferik Facilities as it is on the subway. The opening of the facilities that the municipality closed for renewal 7 years ago was once again postponed.

Even though the foundations of the snake were laid in Izmir and the foundations were laid on the date of 3 June 2005, such as Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro Line which cannot be completed by the Metropolitan Municipality, Balçova Cable Car Facilities which are among the landmarks places of the city cannot be completed. The old cable car line 7 years ago, but the new one can not do a new year, as the construction of the new facility announced the construction of the 30 in April again did not complete.
The contractor firm STM System Teleferik demanded to postpone bankruptcy on the grounds that it was wrecked in debt, aside from the completion of the works at the plant, it was seen that almost all of the cable car poles, which were said to be erected, were blown in the spot.

'Even the poles are not erected'
Bilal Dogan, Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Group, said: ehir Again, we are faced with a Aziz Kocaoğlu classic. Construction of the most beautiful facilities in Izmir, returned to the work of the subway. It is not clear when these facilities like the Metro will end. We expect the facilities that we think will contribute to the tourism and economy of the city as soon as possible, to be completed on behalf of the people of İzmir ine.
Founded in April with the participation of many politicians, especially President Aziz Kocaoğlu, the facility will be completed in 2013 December 31. In this process, since the works at Balçova Teleferik Facilities will be carried out in the woods area, it is stated that the necessary permissions from the Forest Regional Directorate are late and that the works will be completed with a delay of approximately 2013 days. According to the document signed by the Deputy Secretary General Raif Canbek on the application of a national citizen, the date of 120 April 30 was shown as the date of the “Renovation of Balçova Cable Car Facilities ova. However, the work on the premises could not be completed at this time. It was revealed that the cableway poles, which were said to have been erected aside, were not even erected.

'We don't operate at all'
Investigating the construction of the facility in the Metropolitan Municipality of the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Bilal Dogan, said the work in question, such as the same subway construction work, argued that the story of the snake. Mr. Kocaoğlu, who cited the article in the Forest Regional Directorate, stated that there is no legal obstacle in front of him now. Oğlu If Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu could manage to make the tender in time, these processes would not have happened if the file had gone to law in accordance with the law. Since 2011, we do not see any movement outside the entrance point of Balçova Cable Car Facilities. The poles are still waiting below. There is no obstacle. Again, we are faced with the classic Aziz Azizoglu. Construction of the most beautiful facilities in Izmir, returned to the work of the metro. It is not clear when such facilities like the Metro will end. Metro
Dogan said: ğı This process has shown that once Mr. Kocaoğlu has dismissed the staff he has taken over from Ahmet Piriştina, it has once again emerged that he has no staff to work with. We would like to have Mr. Kocaoğlu bring this facility to the city as soon as possible. We think that the completion of the facility will make significant contributions to the city and the county both in terms of tourism and economically, and we wish and hope to complete the work as soon as possible. Tesis

* The renovation of Balçova Cable Car Facilities in Balçova with the Gulf view on Dede Mountain continues for 7 years.
* The facilities were closed in 2007 November 5 on the grounds of “life and property security güvenli on the report prepared by the Izmir Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in 2007. The 3 tender, which was issued by the Metropolitan Municipality for the reconstruction, was canceled due to various reasons.
* February 2012'da the tender with the lowest bid of 10 million 225 thousand pounds STM System Cable Car Assembly and Tourism Inc. won. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh, which offers the highest bid in the tender with 14 million 400 thousand pounds, has appealed to the Public Procurement Authority (GCC).
* The JCC has also canceled the tender by citing the fact that the approximate cost calculation is wrong in 9 April 2012.
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opened new tenders, the court came the news of the cancellation of the JCC decision. Thus, the Metropolitan signed the contract with STM Teleferik.

1200 will transport passengers per hour when finished
To date, the 3 direct-installed facility will be designed from the beginning to meet the EU standards and will carry a thousand 200 passengers per hour. The facility, which is planned to serve in a much safer and more modern way, will have 8 cabinets with different colors. The average travel time of 2 42 seconds will be completed in the end of April, the investment cost of the cable car will be completed before the 12 million 65 thousand pounds were recorded.

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