Audi Authorized Dealer AVEK Showroom Renewed

Audi Authorized Dealer AVEK Showroom Renewed: Audi's newest models as well as exciting performance cars RS6, RS7, R8 and S8 are on display at AVEK's showroom N Audi Terminal Concept Audi
The Istanbul Showroom, which has been renewed by the Audi Terminal Concept since 2005, has been the legendary progressive identity of the brand with its dynamic lines with the slogan hizmeti One step ahead with technology İstanbul.
With the new design, the 1600 has an indoor showroom area of ​​one square meter. Among the vehicles exhibited, besides the newest models of the brand, there are also R and RS models which are among the legends of automotive history. Exciting performance models, RS20, RS6, R7, S8 and S8'ın also presented to the new showroom, in this respect, Audi's latest technology in automotive technology is revealing.
Audi's newest models can also be tested in the new facility of AVEK, the service area and capacity have been doubled. In the service area where the 25 vehicle lift is located, 25 can be serviced at the same time. Thus, the daily service capacity of the AVEK was also extended from the 50 vehicle to the 100 vehicle.
Free hairdresser and movie theater
Audi's original spare parts and expert workmanship in the safe hands of the vehicle service owners, cinema, Wi-Fi, billiards, children's games room, male or female hairdresser's facilities such as free use.
AVEK also provides free pick-up, substitution, Audi Express Service, airport shuttle and free customer service for its customers.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 12:35

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