The ring road to Antalya

The ring road to Antalya will come: Mayor of Metropolitan Türel, who announced his projects, said that the North Ring Road, which will extend to Alanya, will start until 2016. The Northern Ring Road, which will be connected to Gazipaşa, will be an alternative ring road in the form of a double road.
Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel came together with journalists for the first time after local elections at ASAT General Directorate. Türel, who made an appointment for his first meeting 5 years later, said, "We will be together with the conscience of being a mayor who has fulfilled every promise he has made and fulfilled his duty adequately." Explaining the projects to be implemented in the short term, Türel gave the good news that he will realize the projects in the local election promises for Alanya.
Stating that the elections were left behind and the period of equal service started, Türel pointed out that the most important problem of Antalya is transportation, and transferred new road plans. Türel said that besides the roads in the center, the Northern Ring Road, which will extend to Alanya from the back of the Organized Industrial Zone, will be started until 2016 and the connection to Isparta will be established.
“The opening of the third airport road on the East-West axis will be in question until 2016 Expo. Most importantly, it is our ring road that will be connected to Alanya road after the Organized Industrial Zone, which we call the Northern Ring Road. We had the necessary negotiations with our Ministry of Transport. Included in the investment program. Tender studies continue. We will have made an alternative ring road until 2016 Expo by connecting it to Isparta highway and then making a double road to Alanya road direction. ”

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