Convenience for disabled people in urban transportation in Ankara

Convenience for disabled people in urban transportation in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which is the pioneer of social projects, contributes to the struggle of disabled citizens in many areas from transportation to house cleaning, from cultural activities to education, with the services it provides 365 days a year.

Büyükşehir, which produces projects in order to enable people with disabilities living in Ankara to wander freely in the city without the need for other people, to produce solutions for their social and health status, and to provide them to society, draws attention with its project close to 20 for the disabled.

In the main service of the Metropolitan Municipality for the disabled, the 30 elevator with 31 elevator which provides ease of transportation within the city, 61 vehicle with disabilities are taken from their homes and taken to the places where they want to be accompanied with their companions. In another service that facilitates participation in social life, 23 bin 527 disabled citizens and 9 bin 640 companions will benefit from municipal buses, Ankaray and metro free of charge this year. EGO also facilitates the transportation of 840 buses by means of the city bus for the disabled citizens. Urban Aesthetics and EGO officials are also prioritizing all kinds of arrangements that will facilitate walking and walking across the sidewalk.

The proj house cleaning “service, one of the most important projects that make life easier for people with disabilities, benefits from an annual average of 30 thousand families. In line with the demands of disabled citizens, house cleaning, daily housework and maintenance and repair works are done free of charge. In addition, home health and psychological support services are also provided.


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