Time change in Ankara metro

📩 30/11/2018 13:17

Time change in Ankara subway: CHP Ankara Deputy Aylin Nazlıaka asked Interior Minister Efkan Âlâ about the time change made in Ankara subway.

In his parliamentary question submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with the request of the Minister of Interior to answer, Nazlıaka stated that the metro departure times were rearranged by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and said:
“Could it be a realistic and valid reason to delay metro transportation hours by showing the integration of signalization systems as a justification?
Is this not to usurp the right of public transport in Ankara?
How will the change in transportation times affect the capital Ankara in social and cultural fields?

Due to the lack of public transport, our citizens will be closed early in the early hours of the stores and entertainment venues. Will this not affect Ankara's economy negatively? What will be the size of the economic loss?
How will the transportation of the Ankara people who work at night be provided? So how many people will have to leave their job?

Isn't it a contradiction to organize Ankara Shopping Festival for the development of trade and tourism in Ankara, while limiting the hours of nighttime transportation and negatively affecting Ankara in social, cultural and economic areas?
Will Ankara Metropolitan Municipality take İzmir and Eskişehir as an example for public transportation service and hours? "

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