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Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Line: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan made a statement about the High Speed ​​Train.

Minister Elvan, Istanbul-Ankara YHT flights, will begin in the second half of May, he said.

The Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train Project includes the construction of a new double-track high-speed rail with 533 km / h speed, all electric and signal independent of the current line.

Upon completion of the project, Ankara-Istanbul will be reduced to three hours. It is aimed to increase the share of 10 with 78 to XNUMX. Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be integrated with Marmaray and will provide uninterrupted transportation from Europe to Asia. With this project linking the two largest cities of our country, social, economic and cultural shopping will increase among the cities and our country, which is in the process of membership of the European Union, will be ready with the transportation infrastructure.

The project 10 consists of separate parts;

Ankara-Sincan: 24 Km
Ankara-High Speed ​​Train Station
Sincan-Esenkent: 15 Km
Esenkent-Eskişehir: 206 Km
Eskisehir Railroad: 2.679 m
Eskisehir-Inonu: 30 Km
Inonu-Vezirhan: 54 Km
Vezirhan-Köseköy: 104 Km
Köseköy-Gebze: 56 Km
Gebze-Haydarpaşa: 44 Km

Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in two stages. The first stage of the project, the Ankara-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Line, was launched in 2009. The second phase of the project, the Eskişehir Istanbul line, is under construction. The foundation of Köseköy-Gebze Stage was laid on 28.03.2012.

As the 44 km Gebze-Haydarpaşa section of the line will turn into a surface metro with the Marmaray Project, it will be built within the scope of the Marmaray Project.

Sincan-Esenkent and Esenkent-Eskişehir Lines were opened.


Esenkent- Eskişehir Line

25.000.000 m3 excavation was performed in excavation and filling works.

164.000 truck transported 2.500.000 ton ballast with expedition.

254 pieces culvert construction completed.

26 pieces highway overpass, 30 unit highway underpass, 4 unit channel passage, 13 unit river bridge, 2 unit highway bridge, 7 unit train bridge, 4120 unit viaduct of total length 4.

471 pieces with a total length of 1 m tunnels were finished.

A total of 412 km superstructure was installed.

Esenkent-Eskişehir high-speed train line, independent of the current line, 250 km / h speed double-line and high-standard was built as.

The line was commissioned.

Eskişehir Railroad Crossing

• The existing load center, warehouse and workshops were moved to Hasanbey and the other areas in the car park were integrated into Eskişehir and turned into an attraction center suitable for the urban fabric and the transportation problems on both sides of the city were aimed to be solved.

• With the transfer of the facilities in Eskişehir Gar to Hasanbey, it was planned to coordinate with the local administrations and make the garage suitable for the urban fabric.

• The passing of the existing railway line through the city center adversely affects road transportation. Di Eskişehir Railroad Crossing işi has been specially designed to prevent traffic accidents occurring in level crossings as well as to prevent accidents that may occur in crossings and to make Eskişehir a more beautiful and livable city.

Eskisehir State Buses

• Closed section is completed and opened.

• 1741 m. si is complete.

• Underpass and platform production continues.

• L, U wall productions were completed in the field.

Progress Status (in%)

Eskişehir Railroad Crossing


90 7 7 0

Eskişehir-İnönü Line

• Production of pedestrian overpasses on Ahmet RASİM Street and Yeşilırmak Street was completed but overpasses were not opened to pedestrian passages.

• Project productions of the main road and connection roads for the National Sovereignty Boulevard Overpass and subsequent DSİ Channel Pass have been completed except for the guardrail, and it was actually opened to traffic on 29.09.2013.

• In Çilem Street Passage P3-P4-P5-P6-P7 feet and openings have been poured. The project has been revised so that a portion of the earthing wall on the north approach is removed and passed with additional feet. Traffic is expected to be closed with the permission of the Metropolitan Municipality.

• Various reinforced concrete structures on the route have been completed. The improvement excavation and backfills of the South Connection Road, which was added to the existing highway overpass at Km.266 + 420, have been completed up to the Temporary Displacement Line and the Earth Reinforced Wall and Filling works are ongoing.

• On the 3 Track Route Between Çamlıca Mah. In the first stage, the conventional (south line) route was completed at the subbalast level and delivered to the superstructure. Region Md. in the second stage, the installation of the existing superstructure on the Fast Train (north line) route 1. Region Md. the infrastructure works in this section were also delivered to the superstructure at the selected material level.

• Conventional line infrastructure and superstructure on approximately 640 m route between Çamlıca - Enveriye has been completed.

• Appraisal work is underway and the North and South of the High Speed ​​Line has been made to total 58.165,00 mt. On the Çamlıca-Enveriye Route, the construction with concrete walls (Manisa type) is continuing.

• The conventional line vertical displacement of Satılmışoğlu neighborhood was completed.

• Cellular filler construction was completed.

• 2. The road superstructure completed by the Regional Directorate.

• Superstructure: The Piri Reis Train was measured. Waiting for results


Progress Status (in%)


97 100 98 95

Inonu-Vezirhan Line

• 17 pieces Underpass, 3 overpass and 29 box culvert production were completed.

• 26.993 of 19 tunnels in total (18 m) have been completed. Total of 28.000 m. Excavations of all tunnels have been completed.

• The 19,8 km along with the finished tunnels was delivered to the superstructure.

• Electrification: Works are continuing in the place delivery.

• Signaling: The construction of 7 units is continued simultaneously. Road length and internal equipment installations are continuing.

Progress Status (in%)

Inonu –Vezirhan


100 55 53 40

Vezirhan-Köseköy Line:

• 8 pieces of tunnels and viaducts were completed. (11.342 meter tunnel - 4.188 meter viaduct)

• 151 pieces of culverts, 33 pieces underpass are finished.

• 12 mileage was delivered from Geyve to Vezirhan (VK17 to T48 Entry). Bodywork work in progress.

• Electrification: Works are carried out in place cuts and tunnels.

• Signaling: 8 technical building construction works are continuing simultaneously. Approximately 690.000 m cable laying was performed. Road length and internal equipment installations are continuing.

Progress Status (in%)



99 65 28 48

Köseköy-Gebze Line

• Infrastructure manufacturing continues.

• Ballast and traverse laying works are in progress.

• Direct basic work continues.

• Infrastructure displacements started.

• The interface with telecommunication and signaling systems is in progress.

• Cable channel construction continues.

Progress Status (in%)

Köseköy- Gebze


98 14 0 5

Izmit- Istanbul North Crossing

• The contract was signed on 16.02.2011 with Adapazarı Northern Pass Survey, Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services.

• 1 Stage corridor selection studies have been approved.

• 2. Phase route selection work has ended.

• 3. Stage exact and detailed project work started.

• 26 On September 2012, the company's contract term has expired.

• The company has been given 317 day extension. 3. stage work in progress.

• Ground and drilling works started in Köseköy.

• Design of art structures started.

• 1/2000 scale Map studies continue.

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