Smart Junction will be introduced

Smart Junction will be introduced: Çorum Municipality 5. Participating in the Road Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition. According to a statement from the Press Department, Çorum Municipality will introduce the Intelligent Junction Control System and Traffic Control Center at the symposium upon the invitation of the General Directorate of Security.
Turhan Candan, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Ankara, said that the fifth of the, Road Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition Ç, which will be held in Ankara ATO Convention and Exhibition Center between 21 and 23 May 2014, will be held in the symposium and exhibition. stated that they will present a paper called ve The effects of dynamic junction management in small cities: The Case of Çorum ve and they will introduce the project of the smart junction system and Traffic Control Center in Çorum.
Stating that Çorum Municipality is a municipality that closely follows the change in the developing world, Turhan Candan underlined that Çorum Municipality is a municipality which is taken as an example by other municipalities and institutions in this aspect.
Stating that the distance traveled by Çorum in traffic and transport services is an example to other cities and that the Traffic Control Center was met with great interest by the Metropolitan, Provincial and District municipalities and universities, Turhan Candan said un the owner is a province. Our municipality has great responsibilities for taking this vision a step further in every field. As Çorum Municipality, we see our work as a consciousness of duty by adding our night to our day for projects that are very important in the future of Çorum. We will represent our city in the best way and exhibit in the Exhibition and Symposium to be held in Ankara. Ankara

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