If you ride from Bilecik a little bit faster

If you ride from Bilecik, a bit of a train: While the test of the high-speed train continues, the distance-making times that have arisen will not satisfy anybody, so that the opening is always delayed.

Because it is very likely that the opening, the opening of the fiasco, will be taken to the ti.

The most important reason for the delay of the opening time of the 3 hours of great distress. The trial shows that it is not possible to go from Ankara to Istanbul in 3 hours. Even the 3 clock cannot be captured even on 4 hours under current road conditions. The best guess is that the 4 clock finds the 12 hour.

It's not much of a difference from the current trend.

Not as fast as it is, but the accelerated train.

So why did this happen?

As I wrote before, the main problem is the tunnel number 26 between İnönü and Vezirhan. That tunnel could not be drilled in any way due to the problems caused by the ground. Cengiz İnşaat could not open the tunnel, a tender was made again. The cost has also multiplied. (Approximately 30 percent of the investment allowance allocated for YHT this year will go to this tunnel)

Since the tunnel 26 cannot be opened, the line connected to the tunnels 27, 28 and 29 cannot be used. This part of the line until the end of the tunnel by-pass by way of a variant will be passed.

So the train won't go straight at high speed. There's no way to cut the speed when it's cornering and cornering.

The speed of the train in the Vezirhan area between Bilecik and Eskişehir will fall as far as the 70-80 km.

The speed of the train will be possible only after Bilecik.

After the Bilecik, the train will reach the 250 km.

That actually means. One of the trains from Ankara will not notice a high-speed train to Bilecik. Bilecik will be able to get better times.

However, it should be noted that there will not be a speedy mileage of 250. In the next section of Bilecik, there are problems in some points of the line. Arifiye-Pamukova and Köseköy-Gebze rail line still continues to improve.

Stop at lobby work

The high-speed train has a stop problem. In addition to infrastructure and superstructure investments, the number of stops also affects the speed of the train. The more the number of stops, the faster the train reaches its final destination.

Because the train cuts speed as it approaches a station, it takes time again to move to the maximum speed after moving from the station.

If we did not count the final departures and destinations, the high-speed train was planned to stop at the 7 point between Istanbul and Ankara. In the first statements the name of the 9 station was pronounced along with the final departure and arrival points.

Now that number is on 12. The number of intermediate stations increased by 3 and appeared to 7 from 10. Not only that, even 25 means an extra time per minute.

Sincan, Polatli, Eskisehir, Bozuyuk, Bilecik, Pamukova, Arifiye, Sapanca, Izmit and Gebze are currently planning to stop the YHT.

Source: news.gazetevatan.com

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