Yeşilhisar Suburb gained speed

Yeşilhisar Suburb gained momentum: Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki held an investment meeting on the services to be taken to Yeşilhisar and its villages. President Özhaseki made a statement on the suburban line which is one of the most important projects for the district and stated that the agreement was reached with the Ministry of Transport.

Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, as well as other districts to the districts of the Bashkir district by removing the bureaucrats determined the investment program of the county. Yesilhisar Mayor Abdülkadir Mediterranean and municipal administrators also attended the meeting, primarily in water, channels and problems encountered in the treatment of the problems were identified and studies were planned to resolve these problems. In addition to the infrastructure, the roads, the central and youth center, park construction and transportation were handled separately.

Mayor Özhaseki, who made observations in the district center after the meeting, also met with the citizens and listened to their problems. For a while with the citizens across the Mosque-i Kebir sohbet President Özhaseki continued his investigations in the area where the women's center and youth center will be built. President Mehmet Özhaseki passed from here to Soğanlı, the most important tourism region of the district. Mayor Özhaseki stated that studies should be done for Soğanlı, which is known all over the world with its rock-carved churches, and he also met with 96-year-old Mehmet Ablak and his wife Hava Ablak for a while. sohbet He.


Making a statement about the problems of Yeşilhisar and the services to be made to the district, Mayor Özhaseki said that, as in all districts, they discussed the problems of the center first and then the villages such as water, canal and treatment. Expressing that the biggest move on water is the water that will come from the Gıcık Tunnel, Özhaseki said, “Studies are continuing to bring water from the Gıcık Tunnel. Hopefully this problem will disappear in Yeşilhisar until the end of the year. There are also about 10 kilometers of asbestos pipes here. Asbestos is known to have a carcinogenic effect and needs to be replaced. Then there is no sewage in some of our villages. All these services were included in the program. In addition, as we have done in all districts, we have discussed the construction of social facilities such as youth center, ladies' center and we have determined the location. ”


Providing important information about the suburban line, which is one of the biggest projects for Yeşilhisar, President Mehmet Özhaseki stated that the agreement with the Ministry of Transport has been completed. Expressing that they had a meeting in the Ministry of Transport on the suburban line with the participation of the Minister, Özhaseki said, “They considered the project appropriate. They will make their infrastructure, electrical signaling system themselves. We have undertaken the purchase of vehicles and building the stops at the top. We will do these. This project will give a great impetus to Yeşilhisar and İncesu. A worker working in OIZ will be able to go to work very easily. Thus, he will not have to leave Yeşilhisar. This will be valid for Yeşilhisar and İncesu, as well as for the Sarıoğlan side. A consensus was reached on this matter. Work begins in the coming days. I think we will operate the suburban line within a year. ”

Yeşilhisar Mayor Abdülkadir stated that the good things were discussed and good things were decided in the meeting with the Metropolitan in the explanation of Akdeniz and said, “The support of the metropolitan city is very important to us. My president thinks very positive about that. We will do our part and move Yeşilhisar to a very different place. ”



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