What is the reason for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge?

  1. What is the reason for the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge: Istanbul, which is the largest metropolitan and industrial city of our country, is one of the most important transportation corridors today as in history. All 9.500 international transportation corridors with a length of 8 km, which are located in our land and enable the transition from Asia to Europe, pass through Istanbul.
    In Istanbul, where daily city travel and intercontinental transit is intense,% 87 of city transportation is provided by road. The number of vehicles in our city, which is constantly developing with the increasing population of the industry and trade volume, which constitutes the backbone of the country's economy, has approached 3 million.
    While the 250 thousand automobile equivalent vehicles must pass by the two bridges between Asia and Europe, the 600 will find the thousand and the bridges work with 2,5 floor capacity. During the day, the traffic-intensive hours are increasing. Due to the vehicle tails on the access roads to the bridges, the time to cross the Bosphorus varies between 45 minutes and 1 hours. Therefore, as a result of loss of time, violation of rules and high cost of transportation, drivers and passengers' travels on these roads are transformed, transit cargo transportation is interrupted and the country's economy is negatively affected. Especially in bad weather conditions and accidents, the capacity decreases even more, and this situation is reflected in urban traffic and causes air pollution and environmental problems.
    Moreover, vehicle queues, which are increasing in traffic that is experienced in the compulsory maintenance works of the bridges and increasing day by day, cause annual loss of labor and fuel loss of approximately 3 billion liras.
    In addition to all these data, the increase in data such as population, number of cars and number of trips by the 2023 target year clearly indicates the need for a third bridge.
    Based on this need, in order to reduce the traffic density in Istanbul's urban and existing strait bridges and to ensure that the vehicles pass uninterrupted, safe and comfortable, the Northern Marmara Motorway and 3. The construction of the Bosphorus Bridge was decided.
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