Historic Truncated Bridge is Restored

The Historical Cut Bridge is Restored: Within the scope of the restoration of the 19-arched Cut Bridge in Sivas, which remained from the Seljuk period, work is being carried out to unearth the parts of the historical monument that remained underground. kazanto climb”
In Sivas, the 19-arched historical Kesik Bridge, which remained from the Seljuk period, is being restored. Within the scope of restoration, work is underway to reveal the parts of the bridge that are under the ground.
Work is underway to restore the historic Kesik Bridge, which was built 722 years ago in Sivas. Within the scope of the studies, it is planned to reveal the two arches of the bridge, which were largely under the ground, as the water of Kızılırmak changed direction years ago.
Karşıyaka and Esenyurt neighborhoods and 40 village in the region, which connects the city center via Kızılırmak, are planned to be completed by October.
It was stated that during the restoration works of the Historic Cut Bridge, transportation to the region will be provided from the new bridge built in 2008.
In his statement to the AA reporter, Highways 16. Regional Manager Aydın Doğan stated that they have initiated a restoration work to safely deliver the historical Kesik Köprü, which has been standing for centuries, to future generations. The flooring parts are left and we are removing them. ”
Doğan, within the scope of restoration works, that the parts of the bridge under the ground and the original stones will be uncovered completely by manpower without the use of a machine, the excavation work after the bridge Karşıyaka He said the two remaining belts will be connected to the 17 arched part.
Stating that the necessary repair works will be carried out on the bridge, Doğan said, “We will combine the first part of the bridge with the second part. Our aim is to turn this bridge, which is a Seljuk work, into tourism. kazanclimb,” he said.
Dogan said:
“We aim to finish the work before October, the deadline. It does not take time to complete the repair of historic bridges. When you remove the flooring, you may encounter different things under it. These cannot be randomly restored, projects are prepared and passed through the High Council of Monuments. There may be delays due to those transactions. Our citizens are victims of transportation, but we have to protect this beautiful historical work. ”
Due to the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles, indicating that the bridge damaged Doğan, the completion of the restoration work after the bridge only small vehicles to allow the passage said.
Recalling that the new bridge was built in the region in 2008, Doğan stated that the historical Cut Bridge will not be needed once the bridge roads of this bridge are completed.

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