Landslide Occurred On Kastamonu - Tosya Highway

Landslide Occurred on Kastamonu - Tosya Highway: Flood waters and flowing mud caused by rain falling in Tosya district of Kastamonu closed transportation to Tosya-Kastamonu highway.
Tosya Çamlıdere Bağlarbaşı location mud road flooded. The slope of the hills with the rain falling on the slope of the soil and closed the road to traffic Kastamonu. Police teams and municipal teams in a short period of time reached the road to the road at the Bağlarbaşı Çamlıdere area began to work. Deputy Mayor Fazıl Ateş came to the scene and received the necessary information from the teams about the work.
Vehicles on the Tosya-Kastamonu Highway, near Tosya-Kastamonu Highway where the pile of mud near the 1 meter were formed, and the vehicles going to Kastamonu were stranded on the road. Municipal teams coming to the region along with construction machinery began to lead the way. As a result of an hour-long work of municipal teams, Tosya Kastamonu highway was opened to traffic.
Tosya Kastamonu Highway Baglarbasi site Kastamonu 68. After the flood water and mud flowing to the road, the road was completely cleaned of mud and the traffic returned to normal.

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