Kardemir Target Enlarged

Fadıl Demirel, General Manager of Karabük Demir ve Çelik İşletmeleri (KARDEMİR) Inc., said that they have significantly increased production as a factory and that they will make Karabük the production center of railway material.

Demirel, General Manager of KARDEMİR A.Ş, stated that there is a short time left for the factory to start producing 3 million tons, and that they signed the contract for the establishment of a new oxygen factory. Explaining that the project to reach 3 million tons is not something that happens with a single unit in integrated facilities, Demirel said, “We have to reach this level, adding new units and altitude. kazanpossible with cost. One of them was the oxygen factory. All of our other transactions are finished. We have commissioned a part of them one by one and we continue to do so. In the middle of the year, we will start production at a pace of 3 million tons. Now we are going at a tempo of 2 million 50 thousand tons. We needed a fourth oxygen factory for 3 million tons. We delayed this a little bit due to finances and balances in time. We determined a Chinese company by making the tender in the last 3-4 months. We signed a contract with the company in China. This factory is a large factory and will produce 42 thousand cubic meters of oxygen per hour and will be operational in 1.5 years. The production of 3 million tons of steel has been made in our oxygen factory. Another factory to our factory kazanwe are gone,” he said.


Saying that they are a world company as KARDEMİR, Demirel said, “We are one of the biggest establishments of our country and we are also the lifeblood of Karabük. Its economy alone is a magnitude that will seriously affect KARDEMİR. Our enthusiasm is to contribute seriously to Karabük and our country. To contribute to the welfare, happiness and economy of our people. This is our perspective on Karabük. When we look at the work we do, there are actions that will bring pluses to the region and the city. Especially our university, our sports club, the regulations we have made regarding the city, green areas, cleaning the old and smoothing the shabby images, preventing air pollution, preventing water pollution, disciplining solid wastes, the emergence of a livable factory and city. It is not possible to observe this change in the last 4-5 years. I think all of these have an important relationship with the dynamics of the city. In addition to the changes in the factory we have made recently, we are making serious arrangements outside and around the factory. These will add beauty to the beauty of the city and remove ugly images. We are trying to contribute by thinking about our city as well as our city as well as our country. For this reason, it is possible to expand our activities for the factory, Karabük, our country and even our world. We have the power to contribute to both KARDEMİR workers and the people of Karabük. As long as we are cleared, we will make economic contributions as long as they are not interrupted or prevented. Everyone eats the pros of this. The housing constructions that we planned to do in the Yenişehir region had some problems and such projects were prevented. If everyone contributes to bring this issue to a positive end, our employees and the people of Karabük will benefit. We are ready to do these kinds of things, ”he said.


Demirel also stated that they have increased the production of the factory seriously and said:

“It will increase again by a third by mid-summer. All of this means the expansion of Karabuk's economy and business world. There are those who do manufacturing for us, those who buy goods from us, those who buy logs, and contractors that somehow contribute to our development. If you count them, KARDEMİR is a complete medicine that is active, growing, increasing its turnover and increasing production. It is nothing more than a dream to expect to expand with a small cake without producing, increasing, ensuring size, and to produce solutions to problems. If you are going to solve all of these, you need to provide the size once. The largest production to be made here is 3 million tons. There is no place to build the smallest factory in the factory. The inside of the factory was filled up to all its borders. At the top of 3 million, we brought this up there. Our product range has increased and will increase even more and it has reached different points. Serious size and economy here kazanactivities and dynamism. We are very different from last year and from the year before. Next year will be different than this year. We will continue on our way, increasing more and more each time.”


Stating that they are trying to make Karabük the center of the railway, Demirel continued his explanation as follows:

“We produce the basic production items related to this. Ray is at the beginning of this. We produce scissors in Çankırı. Now we will produce the wheel factory. This is a very large and serious investment. In Turkey, the infrastructure for the production of the steel that will do this job best and suitable for this is KARDEMİR. It will be a production that is not easy to make differently. this to turkey kazanwe will go. We are currently constructing the factory building. Credit and other contracts are over. I hope it will be operational in 2 years. Our rolling mill with a capacity of 700 thousand will be operational in 1.5 years. All of their funding has been prepared and we just need time. These are not parts of the 3 million tons output. We will have reached 3 million tons when the third converter of the blast furnace and steel mill is finished. When the new rolling mill and wheel factory are finished, there will be products with high added value. KARDEMIR is very good and has reached a flash point.”


Emphasizing that KARDEMİR is a much stronger and bony company compared to yesterday, Demirel said, “There are chaos and wars in the world. These affect companies like us doing international trade. The important thing is to find a solution in every event and to ensure that the ship you manage takes a good course. Until this time we have demonstrated this skill. From now on, we will manage in favor of our country and our factory. Compared to yesterday, KARDEMİR is a much stronger and bony company. Now, KARDEMİR's remedies and solutions are neither with small money nor with the guidance of small companies. The economy and targets of KARDEMİR have grown. Its impeller is turning big and its speed is very fast. The remedy produces solutions within this speed. As this economy grows, you need to be more careful. You have to work with people with a higher level of knowledge. When we say that we switch to high value added production, it should be done with much better trained personnel. It continues on its way more critical but much stronger ”.


General Manager Fadıl Demirel also gave information about the 6 million-ton capacity new facility they are planning to build in Filyos Valley:

“Karabük KARDEMİR is its main flagship. This is where it will do everything. Careful management of this place with the growth of the economy and profits will create this place. This is our pupil and our heart. This place needs to be managed and walked completely in order for that project to be realized. The Filyos project is a separate project. It is a project that will be built on 5 thousand decares of land. A place request was made for this. Its general layout has been drawn and prepared. Other details that need to be prepared in time are being prepared in projects. When the time comes, I hope this will be our share. 6 million tons will be a system that returns separately from here. Our total capacity will be 9 million tons. These are good capacities. Turkey also needs it. There are larger organizations around the world in separate campuses. We have to increase the weight of integrated facility in Turkey. More precisely, it should enter the right authority by increasing the production of iron and steel. There are Ereğli, İSDEMİR and KARDEMİR organizations as an integrated facility establishment to do this. We have to do it first. We are putting forward these projects and we will build and realize as much as we can over time. "

Demirel, adding that they will participate in the tender for the Filyos port construction as KARDEMİR, said, “We have the biggest freight transportation in this region. When we reach 3 million, there is a huge freight transport. Superstructures will be built with the build-operate-transfer port and we are an important factor in its operation. We are an important establishment. We should be around here. Hopefully, we think that there will be a tender soon and we are ready for it ”.

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