Kantar Bridge will shorten the road to Batman-Mardin 50 mileage

The Kantar Bridge will shorten the Batman-Mardin road by 50 kilometers: The 50-year longing for a bridge in Batman is coming to an end. The Kantar Bridge, which will soon be put into service, will connect 2 districts, 2 towns and 60 villages with the city center.
Many villages of Batman have difficulty crossing the Tigris River. For 50 years, transportation has been provided either from very distant points or from risky old bridges.
The special provincial administration started the construction of the Kantar Bridge in 2012 in order to eliminate the problems of the villagers.
The last stage of construction has been reached, even the asphalt of the bridge was poured.
In addition to the towns of Gercüş in Batman and Midyat in Mardin, 2 towns and 60 villages will also benefit from the bridge.
The bridge will also shorten the 50 mileage between Batman and Mardin.




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