Commuter train with work machine collided

How the commuter train and the work machine collided: In Munich, a city machine was collided with a work machine operating on a train track. In the accident, five people were injured, two of them were heavy.

A disastrous train accident occurred in Munich, Germany. In the Olching area, a train (S-bahn) following the daily route in the city transportation collided with a scoop working on the tracks in the waters of 05: 30.

Ingolstadt police statement, the accident at the time of the train out of the rails and the bucket was also reported to have received great damage.

In the accident, the driver of both vehicles were seriously injured and hospitalized, the injured three passengers were reported to be good conditions.

security units kazanHe guesses that the machine was caused by the fault of the driver.

It was learned that the scoop driver who was working near the railway line was not aware of it and climbed onto the rails. It was also expressed that the collision with the train traveling.

KazanIt is also among the information received that there were very few passengers on the train due to the fact that the accident occurred in the early hours of the morning, therefore there was no loss of life and the number of injured was low.

After the incident, the city trains on the S8 line stopped for hours. Munich-Augsburg train service was made via Ingolstadt. Additional bus services were launched for other regional train services.

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