France has to adapt its platforms for new generation trains

France has to adapt its platforms for the next generation of trains: France plans to change the station platforms to adapt to the next generation of trains.

France has invested heavily in new-generation trains, Alstom Régiolis and Bombardier Régio 2N trains, but in many stations it was revealed that the gabaris were not enough. As trains will be launched towards the end of the 2016 year, France is now planning to implement an emergency program.

A total of 341 units will be issued from the next generation of trains (182 Régiolis and 159 Régio 2N set). As these new trains are larger than the previous generation trains, the platform faces need to be changed.

The reason for the problem was announced by the RFF France Railway Network, which accepts responsibility. SNCF (France National Railway Company), who is responsible for the tender of trains, has been given incorrect information. It was too late to correct this when the problem occurred. The result is that the cost of the 1300 unit platform has been changed, which is estimated to cost around € 50 million.

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