5 Day Trips In Eskişehir Tram Lines

There will be no flights for 5 days on Eskişehir Tram Lines: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality stated that due to the works to be carried out, there will be no trips on some tram lines for 5 days. In the statement made, “Due to the joining works of tram extension lines, tram services will not be made between OGÜ-SSK and OGÜ-OTOGAR lines between 16 hours on Friday, May 2014, 20.00 and 20 hours on Tuesday, May 2014, 06.00. Transportation between OGÜ-MUNICIPALITY and MUNICIPALITY-OGÜ will be provided free of charge by emergency buses. It was stated that the trams will continue to serve on OTOGAR-SSK and 71 EVLER-OPERA lines between the specified dates.


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