Reflecting bridges with cover

Bridges are being renewed in Kapaklı: Bridges are being renewed in Kapaklı District of Tekirdağ. It was learned that while the existing bridge located at the exit of Erbay Caddesi Yuvam Konutları in the Kapaklı District of Tekirdağ was demolished, a new bridge will be built at the same point.
The bridge at the point where Erbay Caddesi and Kapakli Stream intersect was destroyed due to insufficient space for the region. Pointing out that the existing bridge was insufficient to serve the growing population, the Directorate of the Directorate of Science Affairs of the Kaplı Municipality said, hizmet The height and width of the bridge were insufficient. While vehicles were forced to cross the bridge, the low height of the bridge prevented the flow of water in the creek in the heavy rain. Araç
Covered bridge, instead of the new work will be started for the replacement of the voices of the Directorate of the Directorate of Science Affairs, said: mal The height of our new bridge will be 3 meters. We will increase the width of the 5 meter to ensure that there is no hitch in traffic. Our goal is to present the new bridge to the service of Capped people in 10 days X.

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