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Izmir Monorail Project
Izmir Monorail Project

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will provide access to the new fair complex in Gaziemir, where construction works have started, with a 2-kilometer monorail system. The system will work integrated with İZBAN.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, a new project will be an example to Turkey is preparing to take more signatures. The local administration of İzmir, which has started to work on the transportation to the new fair complex in Gaziemir, where the field arrangement and construction works have begun, is working on the 2 kilometer monorail system which will be integrated into İZBAN and will only provide access to the fairground. Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, plans to develop new zoning roads that will ease access to the exhibition complex, which will cost around 400 million pounds.

Modern and comfortable

The monorail system, which will work on the beams to be placed on elevated columns, will start from the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN and cut the Akçay Street and continue to the new fair area by continuing on the parallel highway-Gaziemir junction-ring road. The monorail system, planned as a single-turn single-line, will carry passengers on the 2 kilometer, providing uninterrupted access between İZBAN and the new fairground. Passengers who want to come to the new fair complex will be transported by metro and İZBAN to ESBAŞ station with a modern and comfortable monorail system. Visitors will also be able to use the same system during the fair return. monorail seen examples in the world's developed cities, will be established for the first time in Izmir, Turkey.

What is monorail?

One of the types of urban rail transportation. As the name implies, the wagons move in the direction of departure or arrival, which is mono, hanging on or under a single rail. The rail system used in public transportation is carried out at the same time with the two beams on a column and the rails on the two beams.

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