3. The basis of the airport is being taken this month

  1. The foundation of the airport is being laid this month: The project, the tender of which was held last year and undertaken by the Cengiz-Kulin-Limak-Kalyon-Mapa Joint Venture Group, will be laid on 19 May or 29 May.

It was learned that the 3 airport, which became the subject of public debate again with the guarantee of the Treasury, will be laid in May.

19 May or 29 will be the groundbreaking ceremony on May. 3. The foundation of the Bosphorus Bridge was laid at 29 May, the anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul last year. 3. airport tender was held on 3 May 2013. With the bid of 22 billion 152 million Euros, Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Kalyon-Mapa Joint Venture Group won the tender. With the VAT, the tender price will reach 26 million euros. The airport will have six 142 independent passenger lanes with capacity of one million passengers per year. Construction will consist of 150. 3. 1 will be put into service no later than the month. At this stage, 42 pieces will include independent parallel runway, terminal building, communication and meterology systems and other service buildings.


Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, 3. the fact that the Treasury guarantee to the airport does not reflect the truth. Elvan, 2 3996, issued a year ago with the authority of the authority, the State Administration of Local Administrations (DHMI) 3. told the airport guarantee. The final regulation is also used for SEEs with 3. Elvan stated that he was not interested in the airport, inin These loans are not guaranteed. However, in case of cancellation take over free of charge and the related organization continues to invest. Ancak



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