3. Airport Treasury Guarantee Not Legal

  1. Treasury Guarantee to the Airport Legal Not: Treasury Undersecretary İbrahim Çanakcı, "DHMİ, the status of KIT is not in our third air port project to undertake debt," he said.

Undersecretary of Treasury, İbrahim Çanakcı, answered the questions of journalists at the ceremony on the provision of additional funding of Euro 200 million to the Marmaray Project from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Çanakcı said that the Treasury has been undertaking debt in the first phase of the Eurasia Tunnel and Gebze-Izmir highway project and İzmir The third project we are currently working on is Istanbul 3. The first phase of the bridge project, Köprü he added.

Undersecretary of Treasury Çanakcı, “İstanbul 3. As the state of the contract for the airport project is in the status of State Economic Development Administration (DHMI), it is not legally possible for us to undertake a commitment to undertake debt at the moment. havalim

Çanakcı emphasized that the borrowing authority for public institutions with general budget which does not have borrowing authorization is only for the Treasury and said is Therefore, there is no more natural situation than that of the Treasury. Ç


Çanakcı said that the Treasury's domestic debt rollover ratio, which they predicted to be 86,5 at the beginning of this year, may be below this. . The reason for this is that the budget financing need is less than anticipated, Ç said Çanakcı. The Undersecretary of Treasury said that due to the fall in interest rates, the maturity of the borrowing to be below two years is not in its agenda at the moment. Çanakci, the extension of debt in the general strategy, such as the need to address the issue should be addressed.


European Investment Bank Vice-President Pim Van Balleko I said about 2 billion euros this year they intend to provide funding to Turkey. Çanakcı said that they expect the public sector loan amount to be just over 1,5 billion Euros.


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