Thousand People in Turkey 225, 455 vehicle falls in Fethiye

In Turkey, thousands of people in 225, Fethiye 455 Tools Falling: Muğla's Fethiye district in every tourist season early showing rolled up their sleeves to find a solution to the traffic problem Fethiye Professional Organizations Güçbirliği, light rail to solve the problem proposed to expand the system and use of bicycles. Fethiye's about having a car that is at the top of Turkey's standards is also notable Güçbirliği, he announced that the county fell in every thousand people 455 tools.
A report is prepared for the solution of the traffic problem in Fethiye city center by the Professional Organizations which was formed by the NGOs in Fethiye. After the completion of the report on Fethiye's Traffic Problem, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality will be delivered to the relevant institutions, especially. The representatives of the forces gathered together for the preparation of the report, chaired by Akif Arıcan, chairman of the board of directors and Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Fethiye Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Hayri Topçu also attended the meeting, various alternatives for the problems in urban traffic in Fethiye were expressed. Fethiye in the report on the traffic problem of the population in the report rapidly growing and migrating Fethiye, annually 4 thousand new vehicles were registered. In addition, each vehicle 225 thousand people in Turkey, 114 car fell, Fethiye 455 thousand vehicles, noted that 175 cars fell.
Emphasizing that the existing roads could not be extended and the number of population and vehicles increased each year, the meeting focused on the necessity of bringing short and medium term solutions to the traffic problem. It was stated that the public transportation was carried out mainly by minibuses. During the meeting, 16 filled the line with the villages in the 900 around the shuttle service. Among the issues causing traffic congestion, including dolmuşlarının voiced by the city center, light rail system and pedestrianization of the use of bicycle paths introduced in the 2013 year has been found among the solution proposals. Another suggestion for the relief of the city traffic in the report was the creation of sensitivity for the tradesmen to come to the workplaces with the 2-3 vehicle not only in one vehicle, but also in a single vehicle.

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