2026 Olympic Games

In the 2026 Olympics ski destination: Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, shared ski project will lead to the development of the East with the public.

1 held for the first time in Turkey. Ski Workshop was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Workshop where the availability of the Federation due to 89 club president, Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, Sports General Director Mehmet Baykan, ski center with governors and mayors of the provinces, Ataturk University Rector Hikmet Kocak, joined the former federation presidents and managers.

In the opening speech of the workshop, the President of the Ski Federation, Erol Yarar, stated that the aim of the organization was to index the ski clubs to Olympic success and to make the state aware of the industrial potential of skiing. President Yarar underlined that the aim of doing this workshop immediately after the elections was not just a project introduction. 48 is an investment project of 1 million Euro in billion 450. 42 100 ski resort in Turkey's province, thousands of hotels 5, 275 thousand beds will create the capacity to carry her first ski league in Turkey. Hopefully in the 2026 is a very comprehensive work that aims to take the Winter Olympics. For him we 'State, Turkey Summit Ski Nations Together' he is a very important economic and sporting summarize the work we have shared with the public today. From this moment, we pressed the button to make the project work. Bu

Indicating that they gathered the project, which was prepared with great care, under 6 headings, Yarar said, “It is a development project focused on health, education, textile, sports, agriculture and tourism. With a long-term project, it will destroy the backwardness of the Eastern Anatolia Region and even go one step ahead of the west. Our goal is to train world-class athletes and to bring the Olympics to Turkey. kazanto climb Therefore, we will start with the training first. As a first step, we will establish ski academies in Erzurum, Kayseri and Bursa. In simultaneous connection with our clubs, we will not ask 'what kind of problems do you have now, what is your lack of materials'. We will solve the problem by seeing the existing shortcomings. My request from the managers is that they bring me projects related to their regions, so I can bring these projects to life quickly," he said.

Sample project and province Erzurum

Turkey Ski Federation Manager Fuat Kulaçoğlu offered the participants 2011 games containing barcovision show. Turkey for winter sports 'example in Erzurum' the sample project '2011 World University Winter Games' he recalled. Kulaçoğlu spoke as follows.

"We put on the table the sport's profile in Turkey. We are together to initiate the project to host the Winter Games in 2018, 2022 and 2026. We have full faith in the announced road map. Our goal is to contribute to the development move of the country, as well as carrying skiing to the place it deserves. Mr. President tried to explain this to the bureaucracy and state officials at today's meeting. Hopefully we can come to bring the endpoint in the 2026 Winter Olympics in Turkey. We immediately started the work to show that the budget announced just before is not a dream. We are happy, we believe we can succeed. Nothing is an illusion, as long as we can think. We did this in Erzurum, we have current potential. Now we want to raise the bar and get bigger "

The workshop, which lasted four days, was also explained as a sample struggle. Status of the ski club at the workshop, held in Turkey were tabled at the meeting.

N We have been playing 2011 Games and Erzurum in the winter sports. Experiences of small organization experienced in Erzurum, experienced in the Mersin games with zero error. Turkey ahead of our roadmap offered by the Ski Federation and the giant project was also excited. As the General Directorate of Sports, we share this enthusiasm and promise that we will do our best olarak.

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