Logistics investment for 2023's goal

logistics investment requirement for the 2023's goal: Turkey's xnumx't to 2023 billion dollars of exports and 500 trillion dollars worth of foreign trade is an important logistics invest in the needs of var.xnumx year, the total investment 1.1 billion dollars 2013 target size of the logistics sector to achieve the target 28 billion dollar. According to this, 2023 billion dollars should be invested in the logistics area every year and the investment of 68 billion dollars should be completed in ten years.
Turkey many years to develop rail and maritime transportation because road transport was based on making significant investments. In recent years, the investments in these areas have been increased since this negative picture was realized.
For a long time the piers were named as port and our transportation was in our target. As a result, the importance of the fact that we need ports with sufficient handling area, which can be easily loaded and unloaded by large tonnage ships, has been increasing day by day.
Our friend as we learn from the news Aysel Yücel, Turkey Port Management Association, touched upon the necessity of investment in ports, the ports in 2013 that 385 million tons of loading is done, it xnumx't to 2023 million tonnes of cargo and container eleçl Toamasina will rise, most 850 meters long existing infrastructure capacity for it 366 thousand TEU ships are now replaced with ports with 14 thousand TEU capacity.
Accordingly, it is stated that Marport, which was established in Ambarlı, which has an annual container handling capacity of 2013 million TEU in 1.9, will increase its container handling capacity by 500 TEU by increasing the capacity of 27 percent with the Limaş terminal, which is included in this year. Likewise, Mersin International Port aims to increase its 1.5 million TEU capacity by 1.8 percent, to 30 million TEU in as short as 2.6 years. The investing company states that with this 160 million dollar expansion project, 400 meter long 16 meter draft ships can visit Mersin. In addition to these, capacity expansion investments continue at Evyap, Borusan, Asyaport, Mardaş, Petkim, Gemport, Ege Port and Samsunport ports.
The Turkish ports are 5 after the UK, Italy, Netherlands and Spain according to the European Union Eurosat data. and Germany, Belgium and Norway. In addition, after the acquisition of the 50 of the Turkish port company Yildirim Holding Malta Freeport, Yildirim Holding is continuing its search for another abroad. Global Ports Holding also makes investments aimed at becoming the world's largest cruise operator.
The port investments we need in the 2023 trillion trade volume of 1.1 continue.




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