Disabled ramp requirement 2 year postponed

Disabled ramp requirement 2 is postponed further: all public transport vehicles, including minibuses and private public buses, will be designed to enable disabled people. The necessary ramps for disabled people will be installed in vehicles authorized by the Ministry of Industry. 2 in the year to make the vehicle suitable for people with disabilities 5 thousand liras will be punished. The cost of the installation will be 2-3 thousand pounds per vehicle.
One of the most important problems facing the disabled in their daily life is by public transport. In the legal regulation on the disabled, a step was taken on this issue. 2005 issued in 8 'The Law on Disabled People 8 also includes the reorganization of all public transportation vehicles in the year. In July of this year, the 2015 year expired. However, minibuses and municipal buses were not accessible for disabled people. Public transporters were given additional time until July 5. Within this period, commissions will be formed in each province, consisting of representatives of Family and Social Policies, Internal Affairs, Environment and Urbanism, Transport ministries and confederations related to the disabled. These committees will undertake the monitoring and inspection of the transport vehicles for the disabled. The installation of disabled ramps to be installed in vehicles will be authorized by the Ministry of Industry. Those who do not make the vehicle suitable for people with disabilities will be imposed an administrative fine from one thousand TL to one thousand TL for each determination.
Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) General Secretary Mehmet Nasib corns, many cities that made the older model vehicle transport, said that most of these are not suitable for renovations. Kemaloğlu said that a few minibuses or buses could be adapted for disabled people and that people with disabilities would be able to travel without problems. Kemaloglu, as a federation, said they forwarded this formula to the ministries. Stating that the issue first came up in 1999, Kemaloğlu said, larda If automobile manufacturers had been obliged to do so, many minibuses would have been transported on the roads by disabled people. Kon Kemaloglu also called for public transport, 2 annually to benefit from the commission to be established in the provinces to be applied to the petition stressed the need to apply.




    1. Neither 2.3 thousand disabled ramp price is 7 thousand TL drivers do not make money anyway