2. E-Commerce Logistics Conference Held

  1. E-Commerce Logistics Conference Held: E-Commerce 5 Next Year
    Increasing e-commerce volume and the intense logistics activities that it brings together create significant traffic problems especially in Istanbul. Beykoz Logistics Vocational High School held this year in E-Commerce Logistics Conference in the sector representatives if the measures are not taken 5 year before the shipment of traffic in Istanbul will be a dream to increase the volume of E-commerce, everyone wants to demand the product to the door and does not like products are also sending back. This is a significant blow to the traffic problem in Istanbul from day to day.
    The 'Logistics Conference at E-Commerce', organized by the Center for Logistics Practices and Research at Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, brought together leading institutions of e-commerce and logistics industry. The importance of Logistics in E-Commerce, Logistics Threats and Solution Suggestions in E-Commerce, Costs of Reducing Costs in E-Supply Chain and Optimization of Logistics Processes in E-Commerce were discussed.
    İsmail Yücel, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy from Bahçeşehir University Dr. Erkan Bayraktar and Prof. Dr. Dr. It was moderated by Mehmet Tanyaş. The Most Important Problem in E-Commerce ConfidenceLogistics and e-commerce industry, attended by important players of the conference in the opening speech of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Deputy Undersecretary Ismail Yucel, the most important problem in e-commerce that the trust, while the electronic commerce law should be enacted as soon as possible. Deputy Undersecretary Yücel stated that the law would prevent unfair trade practices and consumers will be protected with the implementation of the law and also mentioned the importance of foreign trade and therefore customs in e-commerce.
    Return An Important Problem, Coming Soon E-traders will be unable to ship to the futureBeykoz Logistics Vocational School of Logistics Applications and Research Center Director Prof.Dr. Dr. Okan Tuna "output source of e-commerce products in Turkey Istanbul is a city of 85% rate and 25% as a proportion of these products are consumed in Istanbul. This situation can cause significant problems in urban logistics, especially in big cities, especially in Istanbul. However, when considered as a non-refundable rate in Turkey said 2% as the market returned to stage bxnumxc are faced with the intense process that can lead to serious problems in terms of logistics, "he said.
    E-Commerce in Turkey yönüsekt representative of his speech at the conference, online shopping statistics, talked about the future of logistics in e-commerce in Turkey. One of every five Internet users from online shopping online shopping makes his appeared xnumx's percent of the young generation in Turkey.
    Among the sector representatives participating in the conference; Merter Özdemir, Secretary General of Electronic Commerce Sites and Operators Association, Emre Çizmecioğlu, Mall Logistics Manager, O2 Logistics Management Consultancy and Instructor Oruç Kaya, GS Store E-Commerce Manager Selda Milli, LA Software Group Executive Vice President Contemporary Star, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Customs and Trade Expert Barış Demirel, OGLI e-Solutions Platform Operations Director Ozan Mert Karaağaç, ARC Global Logistics, Founding Partner Hakan Çınar, Deputy General Manager, Aras Kargo Sales Alpay Maden, DSM Group Executive Vice President Erkan Yıldırım, SETROW General Manager Eren Yalçındağ.

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