Disabled ramp requirement 2 year postponed

The disabled ramp requirement has been postponed for 2 more years: The article "Law on the Disabled" enacted in 2005, which includes the reorganization of all public transportation vehicles for the disabled within 8 years, cannot be implemented.
One of the most important problems facing the disabled in their daily life is by public transport. In the legal regulation on the disabled, a step was taken on this issue. In the 2005 year, the 8 announces the reorganization of all public transportation vehicles for people with disabilities, and in July this year the 8 year expired. However, minibuses and municipal buses were not made accessible to disabled people. Public transporters were given additional time until July 2015.
Now, within this period in each province, Family and Social Policies, Internal Affairs, Environment and Urbanism and Transport ministries will be formed commissions consisting of representatives of confederations related to the disabled. These committees will undertake the monitoring and inspection of the transport vehicles for the disabled. The installation of disabled ramps to be installed in vehicles will be authorized by the Ministry of Industry. Those who do not make the vehicle suitable for people with disabilities will be imposed an administrative fine from one thousand TL to one thousand TL each.
What does YASA say
All public transportation vehicles, including minibuses and private public buses, will be designed to enable disabled people to get on. The ramp required for the disabled will be installed in the vehicles authorized by the Ministry of Industry. 2 5 Thousand thousands of penalty penalty in the year to make the vehicle is not suitable for the disabled, the installation cost per vehicle 2-3 Thousand TL. interim

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