12 Annual Transportation Investment 172 Billion

12 Annual Transportation Investment 172 Billion: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said that the last 12 has achieved significant improvements in the transportation and communication sectors in the last 12 year.
According to the information provided by the Electronic News Agency (e-ha) correspondent, Elvan, which was organized by the Turkish National Committee for Highways and Roads under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, was put on the table with all the details of the Intelligent Transport Systems (AUS). Participated in the Highway Intelligent Transportation Systems Congress and Exhibition.
The main purpose of science and adapting the innovations in technology to the transportation industry, discussing AUS practice, sharing of information and experience in this field and Elva Speaking at the congress determined as the introduction to the public, in particular, pointed to the importance of the congress to the development of the AUS in Turkey.
Minister Elven, the panels will be organized during the congress of the studies on this subject in the world, the way of Turkey to follow giving the information that debated and discussed, Ministry of work to be done and said that the Government would give direction to create that strategy and policy.
Participants gave information about the recent developments in Turkey Elvan 12 years, he said:
"Education, health, social security, to transport until it reaches virtually every area of ​​firsts Turkey. In this process, we have made significant progress in the transportation and communication sectors. In the last 12 year, only the amount of investment we have made in the field of transportation has reached 172 billion pounds, which is a significant amount. Looking at 12 years ago, we see that road standards are very low, we do not have a road infrastructure in international standards, only 6 thousand 100 kilometers are on our way and we have a poor transportation infrastructure. When we look at the accident rate, the 100 million vehicle / kilometer accident rate was 5,17, which is a very high rate, and today we have reduced this ratio to 2,6. This is below average EU standards. Bu
Minister Elvan also gave information about the works carried out in the transportation sector and stated that there are very important developments not only on highways but also on airlines, sea routes and railways.
In the evaluations of the divided highway Elvan Turkey comes to the point that "In particular we achieved significant savings in terms of labor and fuel. According to the work of our friends, the annual savings as a result of divided roads, fuel and labor in terms of 15 billion pounds finds. In the emission release, we see an annual emission of 3 million tons less emissions UM.
Lütfi Elvan emphasized that a certain quality was caught on the roads, roads became safer and the number of traffic and vehicles increased in parallel with each other, especially in metropolises.
Elvan pointed out that the research conducted by a person living in Istanbul shows how much time he spent in traffic, and that in this sense, AUS is very important and must be implemented.
He said that with AUS, time and labor are saved, efficiency is increased and citizens are allowed to move more comfortably. we see that. The development of AUS is important in this sense.
Minister Elven, xnumx'l year in the AUS who tried to be slowly practice in the world in Turkey but circling invention could gold in xnumx'l year, "Lately, our General Directorate and our Ministry and Highways, improving austin, significant efforts to manifest a road map they realized. We will put into effect the Action Plan put forward, we will take the issues in the plan one by one, but the AUS is not only an issue to be concluded with the work of ours, but rather its parties. İn
In the AUS, Elvan stated that a union should be formed in order to gather all the stakeholders together, and that the systems to be implemented and the strategies to be determined will be possible with a common understanding. It touched.
After the opening speech, Minister Elvan visited the stands in the foyer and received information from the authorities.

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