A 10-Kilometer Queue Formed On Gebze Highway

10 Kilometers Queue Formed on Gebze Motorway: Due to maintenance works on Gebze-Körfez Highway, citizens blocked the road this time in Dilovası crossing of D-100 Highway to protest.
Due to the maintenance and isolation works of the viaducts and bridges between Gebze and Körfez districts of the TEM Highway, the Ankara direction was closed to transportation, and the citizens closed the road this time at the Dilovası crossing of the D-100 Highway, where all traffic was given.
Citizens, who blocked the road for an hour after the accident that occurred on this road and resulted in the death of a person, are the district governor. the mayor and representatives of some political parties hardly convinced. A passenger bus hit a 100-year-old factory worker, Hüseyin Topçu, at 15.15:35 at the Dilovası crossing of the D-2, which pulled the entire traffic load in the direction of Ankara due to the TEM Motorway being closed. Upon the death of the worker, who is married and has 100 children, his relatives and the residents of Dilovası District closed the road to transportation. Due to the lack of any other passageways, vehicle queues suddenly exceeded 10 kilometers on the D-XNUMX Highway.
Dilovası District Governor Hulusi Şahin, Mayor Ali Toltar, AK Party and MHP district heads, and some well-known businessmen of the district tried to persuade them with the angry crowd that the traffic officers could not persuade. Meanwhile, District Governor Hulusi Şahin called Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca on the phone. Ercan Topaca promised to build an overpass as soon as possible at the Çolakoğlu Junction where the accident occurred. After these speeches, the crowd opened the road to transportation at around 16.15. Although the road is opened, it is progressing step by step, with very heavy traffic from Gebze to Körfez District, already in the evening.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:18

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