Zorlu Enerji breaks grounds in carbon emission


Sinan Ak, General Manager of Zorlu Energy Group, one of the sponsors of the Istanbul Carbon Summit held between 3-5 April 2014: “We are carrying out studies to transform the risks and opportunities faced in transition to a low-carbon economy into future strategies”

Following its carbon footprints, Zorlu Energy Group contributes to green growth by planting more saplings than the corresponding number.

Istanbul- Zorlu Energy Group General Manager Sinan Ak, stating that his groups "broke new grounds" in carbon emissions, which is the most important danger in the future, said, "We are working to transform the risks and opportunities faced in transition to a low-carbon economy into future strategies."

Sinan Ak stated that Zorlu Energy Group will make significant contributions as a sponsor of the Istanbul Carbon Summit, which will be hosted by Istanbul Technical University on April 3-5 this year with their struggle against climate change and their pioneering projects.

Supporting the Istanbul Carbon Summit, Ak, stating that they are taking their fight against climate change a step further, will be discussed at the Istanbul Carbon Summit where the obligations of the countries at the international level, the effects on the carbon markets, the reflection of the energy use on the related sectors and the lowest cost greenhouse gas reduction systems in this context. he stressed that they believe important steps will be taken to solve the problems.

Stating that they have achieved many "firsts" in the sector with the important works they have done so far, Sinan Ak said, “We are trying to be a pioneer and an example in our sector with our important works for energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. By measuring the emission values ​​of our Group organization, we were the first energy company in Turkey which calculates the carbon footprint. We did the first project in Turkey carbon emissions in our Gökçedağ Wind Power Plant and in January 2008 we signed with ecosecuritiesgroup Carbon Emission Sales Contract. We have been monitoring our carbon footprint since 2009 ”.

Uk We will continue to create projects that set an example for the energy sector in order to create a more livable world and contribute to green growth fark and pointed out that they created a significant difference in the sector.

. As Zorlu Energy Group, we are considering both present and future generations. We are working to transform the risks and opportunities that are faced in the transition to a low carbon economy into future-oriented strategies, developing strategies for the future, which are extremely important, üre he said.

Emphasizing that all countries have various responsibilities at the point of protecting the environment and that low-cost greenhouse gas reduction systems should be used, Sinan Ak said, “Aware of our common responsibilities for a more livable world; "We will continue our projects that will set an example in the energy sector in the future as we do today."

Zorlu Energy Group

Zorlu Energy Group became the only energy company from Turkey to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2010. Deserved to receive the "Carbon Disclosure Leadership" Award, which was given for the first time within the scope of the project in 2011. kazanIn 2012, Zorlu Energy was among the top five in the Carbon Disclosures Leaders list with its transparency score. Again in 2012; The group decided to create new forest and sink areas all over Turkey in return for the carbon footprint resulting from its activities, in line with this decision; In corporate organizations such as fairs and meetings it participated in, it calculated our carbon footprint in detail and planted more than the corresponding number of trees.

Last year, Zorlu Doğal Elektrik, one of the group companies, was awarded the “Climate Performance Leaders of Turkey Award” by being in Group B, which is the second highest group, in the Performance Rating made among companies that announced their climate change strategies using the Carbon Disclosure Project platform. kazanwas. Zorlu Energy, on the other hand, received the highest performance score among the 100 energy companies included in the Borsa Istanbul-100 (BIST 4) and reporting.


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