YTU Introduced the Shell Eco-Marathon Vehicle “Istanbul” with Keremcem

YTÜ Introduced Shell Eco-Marathon Vehicle “Istanbul” with Keremcem: Yıldız Technical University Ae2 Project to Shell Eco-Marathon competition, which is organized annually by Royal Dutch Shell, designed and produced vehicles that have traveled and tested by thousands of students across Europe. His team is participating this year with the vehicle they call “Istanbul”. The vehicle, which will compete in the category of prototype, battery-powered electricity, was introduced on Friday, April 25 at the ceremony held at Yıldız Technical University (YTÜ) Davutpaşa Campus. Keremcem, the renowned artist of Shell FuelSave brand ambassador, who took a ride in Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul route in 2013 to draw attention to fuel saving techniques, also supported the YTÜ team in vehicle promotion.
Ae2 Project team joins Shell Eco-marathon for the fourth time
Team captain Burhan Işık (YTU Electrical Engineering final year student) made the opening speech on behalf of the Ae2 Project team, which participated in the competition for the fourth time this year. Işık said that they started preparations very early this year and continued: “Since the first day we started this business, we have been working steadily with the awareness of the world's increasing energy demand, depending on our main goals. Thanks to a strong team spirit and the experience we have gained in the competition in recent years, we have completed the production of our 4th vehicle, Istanbul. Qualified to participate once again in 2014 kazanWe want to represent our country, school and supporters in the best possible way at the Shell Eco-marathon, and we would like to thank everyone who has encouraged us so far.”
In addition to the automatic brake system (ESP), the in-vehicle wireless communication system and telemetry system provide data transfer in the same way as the Pit region. Istanbul will compete in Shell Eco-marathon's prototype, battery-powered electric category. YTD Ae1Project team had a result of 2 km / kWh in the same category in 2013. 132.10 km / kWh was the first in 2011 in the Solar Powered Prototype Vehicle class.
Keremcem shared his experience
The famous artist Keremcem, who attended the meeting, shared his experiences of Shell Eco-marathon in 2013 in the context of Shell FuelSave # saving-room project. Last year, Keremcem, with a Shell Eco-marathon vehicle, traveled a distance of 1 with 72,61 liters on the city track in Rotterdam. "I really learned a lot on efficient driving during our collaboration we have realized in the last year fuel efficiency with Shell and I continue to transfer to the environment what I have learned," said Keremcem, Shell recently realized that and from Turkey in April 18-30 aged 381 young drivers, 31 The 45-100 aged 45 middle aged driver and 208 10 driver participated in üc Shell FuelSave N research results; Ili Regardless of the age, all drivers attach great importance to fuel efficiency. Older drivers are more sensitive in this regard, and eight of the 10 drivers use the vehicle more slowly for fuel efficiency. The XNUMX drives only six of the young drivers. But frankly, the young people I met during these projects are very conscious and creators about fuel efficiency. Most importantly, regardless of age, all of our drivers think there is something new to learn about fuel efficiency. Activities such as Shell Eco-marathon are therefore very important. I think we all have a lot to learn and do about it. Bence
About Shell Eco-marathon
Shell Eco-marathon is an international competition organized every year between European, American and Asian continents. Shell Eco-marathon In Europe this year, 26-16 engineers and scientist candidates compete with the vehicles they design and produce. Thanks to their creative design and technical know-how, teams that cover the farthest distance with the 25 kWh or 1 liter fuel are rewarded.
Teams participate in the race under two categories: ”Prototype“ and “City Concept Takım. Prototypes reflecting the cars of the future are composed of vehicles with creative designs. City Concept cars are inspired by traditional vehicles and look like the car models we use in our daily life. In the race; alternative power sources such as diesel, petrol, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), ethanol, as well as fuels such as hydrogen, solar energy, or electricity can be used to power vehicles.
15-18 will be held between May xnumx'uncu Rotterdam in the Netherlands are participating in the Shell Eco-marathon 30 team from Turkey.

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