The exact time of summer tires

Time for Summer Tires: Pirelli draws attention to the importance of the use of seasonal tires in terms of performance, safety and fuel consumption in the days when the sun starts to show itself. Pirelli also offers tire storage services to authorized dealers who want to keep winter tires.
Pirelli warns drivers about the use of tires for the season, with the winter tire regulations ending on 31 March. Sun with the beginning of the heating of the show itself and the air, Pirelli draws attention to the importance of improving the safety and performance of Turkey, fuel consumption and recommend the use of tire according to the seasons in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment. With the summer tire in the summer tire to prepare the tools for the preparation of vehicles for the spring Pirelli draw attention to the winter, used in the summer tire performance loss, more wear and more fuel consumption will lead to the expression.
Proper tire use plays a major role in fuel consumption
Summer tires provide shorter braking distances on dry and wet roads in hot weather conditions above plus 7. The lower resistance of summer tires compared to winter tires means less fuel consumption and less wear on the tire. Passing to summer tire when the weather gets warmer, 20 and 35 fuel consumption in passenger cars, XNUMX percent effect on the percentage.
In addition to the fuel economy, controlled acceleration and sudden braking are important for driving safety, Pirelli also reminds drivers that vehicle maintenance should be done regularly. Pirelli also emphasizes that it is important to adopt a soft driving style, while avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, as well as careful use of vehicle air conditioners and the need to switch off electrical equipment.
The greatest danger on wet ground is aquaplaning
Aquaplaning, one of the greatest hazards encountered in wet conditions, causes the tire to float in the pond and loss of grip. In this case, it is not possible to talk about the positive effect of braking when the tire is in contact with the ground. In such cases, the most accurate movement is to pull the foot off the accelerator pedal, to prevent the engine speed from rising suddenly and keep the steering wheel as constant as possible and to try to get the vehicle in the right direction when it is contacted.
Again, braking on the turn increases the pressure on the tires and creates a force opposite to the braking force. This force also increases the vehicle's driving stability and road holding. Braking in time to slow down in advance, and most importantly, when the tires are in a straight position, it is quite important for driving safety.

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